Dear Sprout Families,

The new year started nice and snowy. They all had fun putting on their boots and stomping on the snow. It was a tremendous wintery adventure. 

In January, we had fun discovering Shoes. Each Sprout had fun putting on their boots and shoes. During circle time, we did a shoe match with our shoes and looked at pictures of different shoes.

We read :

  • New Shoes, Red Shoes by Susan Rollings
  • Righty and Lefty A Tale of Two Feet by Rachel Vail
  • The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss
  • Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes by Eric Litwin

We Sang:

  • This is the Way we Put on Our Shoes. 
  • One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

In the classroom, we explored shoes. We did a shoe puzzle, tried on shoes, and looked at shoes in our books. During art time, we did lots of shoe projects. Some of the projects we made were different colored shoes and boots, shoe print painting, a shoe sun catcher, a pair of flip flops(hoping for warmer weather), and many, many more. 

We had fun seeing our boot prints in the snow and our wet prints on the sidewalk during outside time. They all liked being in their boots and stomping in the snow. They also wanted to tread in the puddles as the snow melted on the sidewalk. 

We all had a great month exploring shoes.

  • Highlights:
  • Beckett had fun matching shoes at circle time. When he saw his shoes said “Those my shoes. Yeah!”
  • Kruz had a great first month in the classroom. He enjoyed sitting on Ms. Teresa’s lap, listening to all the shoe books. 
  • Julia thought the shoe circle time books were the best. She would get very excited as each book was read. 
  • Levi enjoyed going outside and seeing his boot print in the snow and on the sidewalk. He would smile and say, “My foot.” 
  • Archer had fun trying on his friend’s shoes when we had to take them off to put on our snow boots. He would smile and say, “Shoes. Shoes.”
  • Penny did a great job with the shoe match at circle time. When a shoe was held up, she could tell us most of the time who it belonged to. 
  • Riley liked to show her friends the Velcro on her shoes. She would say to her friends, “On and off.” 
  • Rowan had fun climbing all over the snow and making boot prints. He would stomp and say, “Look at my foot. It’s cold.” 

It was a fun-filled month discovering all the different shoes. We can’t wait to see what fun we will have next month. 

In February, we will be learning all about Boxes. We are sure you have noticed how fascinated your Sprout is with boxes. They probably loved the toys during the holidays but may have been more interested in the box in which it came. 

As we explore the boxes, your Sprout will use gross motor skills as they climb in and out. Social skills as they share a box with a friend. Math skills as they compare the sizes of the boxes and count all the boxes we have in the room. They will also use their imaginations as they sit in the box and pretend it’s a car or a nice comfy bed.

At circle time, we will read about boxes and all the creative ways we can use them. We will sing a few box songs and do some fun things. During art time, we will decorate, draw, color, and glue stuff on different size boxes. In the classroom, we will have boxes they can build with and smaller boxes they can fill up. Outside time, if the weather is nice, we will bring some boxes out; they can climb in and push around on the grass. It will be a fantastic month to discover boxes and everything they can do with them. 

  • Here are a few reminders for the month:
  • Please make sure your Sprout has weather-appropriate extra clothes. They can get a little wet under their snowsuits as the rain comes and the snow melts. 
  • February 14th is Valentines day. Read the Growing Tree newsletter for details please
  • February 19th Growing Tree will be closed for Presidents Day. Enjoy your long weekend.

Thank you for everything you do and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to come talk to us. Have a wonderful February and Happy Valentine’s

                 Teresa, Megan, and Nana Julie

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