Dear Big Seed Families,

Happy February! The first month of the year has been so much fun! We have been diving into more art projects and sensory experiences. Everyone is getting more comfortable in their snowsuits! Thank you so much for your support over the past few weeks with all this snow. 

We welcomed Haelie into our classroom; she will be a floating teacher between the Seedling and Big Seed rooms. On February 12th, Cherra will join the Big Seed classroom as a full-time teacher. The transition has gone so smoothly, and the kids are adjusting well.

Last month, we focused on the colors black and white. We had lots of fun black-and-white books and lots of fun art projects. Check your child’s art folder to see what we have done. We have been working on using sign language to communicate; “more” and “please” have been our big words for the month.

In February, we are talking about all things love and birds. We are talking about bird sounds, different types of birds, bird footprints, and many more amazing things about birds. 

Monthly Updates

And just like that, we have a classroom full of walkers! Savannah and Alice have both started walking in the past few weeks!! All of our friends are doing so great using sign language to communicate. We have been working on “more,” “please,” and “all done.” They have been quickly catching on to when to use those words. 

  • Mary’s favorite game recently has been peek-a-boo; she puts her hands on her head and waits for you to say, “Where’s Mary?” to take her hands off. 
  • Alice has started walking!! We are so proud of her. She loves helping the teacher clean up and will put toys in the correct bins! She has been a fast learner when using sign language and communicating with the teachers.
  • Bode has been a little more hesitant with new sensory toys and art projects; he is slowly warming up to doing art with friends. He has grown up so much over the past few weeks and is running around the classroom with a smile. He loves being outside and getting read to by whoever sits down and reads to him. He has also enjoyed the baby dolls and almost always has one in his arms. 
  • Brody has been quite the helper recently, always wanting to be with the teachers and helping them close cabinets, pick up trash on the floor, and put away toys. He loves reading and will bring books to you until you sit down and read with him. This month, his favorite book has been “Little Blue Truck”.
  • Owen has been so happy and is always excited and smiling. He loves sitting down with books in his lap and flipping the pages by himself. He has also gained a love for dress-up and hats! He will bring the dress-up clothes to you to help him put them on.
  • Norah has been loving art this month. We have started doing more art projects, and Norah is always the first one at the table and ready to get messy! She has started signing “all done” when she is done with her food or if she doesn’t want to read books anymore.
  • Mary loves the snow; she gets so excited when we put her snowsuit on to get ready to go outside. She has also begun to be interested in art and is such an artist, just like her mommy! 
  • Savannah has started walking this month! She’s walking around everywhere and rarely crawls anymore. Savannah also loves using her spoon independently and doesn’t like teachers helping her eat. She also loves art projects and getting messy with paint. 

Enjoy your month, Maryanne, Haelie, and Cherra.

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