Seedling Room

Seedling Room

Our Philosophy

We understand that for many of you this is your first experience leaving your baby. Our goal at Growing Tree is to make your baby feel safe, secure, and nurtured while in our care. It is a joy for us to have the opportunity to take care of the most important person in your life. At Growing Tree, our job is to be available and responsive to your families needs each and every day.

  • Our infants are divided into two groups of 4 infants
  • Infants 6 weeks to 12 months old

Nurturing Care:

We recognize that each infant is unique and an individual. Our Seeds depend on us to be fed when they are hungry, changed when they are wet, allowed to sleep when they are tired, comforted when upset, be provided interesting things to explore, held and loved. When we meet their needs consistently, promptly, and lovingly, we are helping your Seed to learn to trust themselves and their world.

Growth and Development:

Our Seed Room is filled with colorful age appropriate toys that encourage your infant to explore and develop. Singing, books, sign language, outdoor play, and sensory play are just some of the activities incorporated throughout the day for your infant’s development. We limit the use of swings, bouncers, and saucers as we feel that the floor is the best place for your infant to explore and grow.


6 weeks – 12 months
Child/Teacher Ratio 4:1

A Balanced Day:

The Seed Room creates a schedule that is flexible so that our teachers can respond to the individual needs of each infant. Each infant has their own personalized schedule for eating, diapering, playing and sleeping. We allow plenty of unhurried time throughout the day to spend with each infant. Our mobile infants are transitioning into a group schedule for eating and sleeping. “Daily Reports” are sent home each day. These reports track your infant’s eating, sleeping, and diapering schedules as well as developmental milestones.