Dear Sprout Families,

We are keeping our fingers crossed we start seeing more sunny days than windy, cloudy days. Thank you again to Tammy, The Board, and Parents for making it a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week. We all had great fun and enjoyed the goodies. 

In May, we had fun exploring Lights and Shadows. Everyone had fun walking around the room in the dark, flashing their flashlights. They also thought it was fun holding the light up to their hand and making a hand shadow on the wall. 

The Sprouts enjoyed our featured books this month.

  • Ten Twinkly Stars
  • Sun and Moon Have a Tea Party
  • The Black Rabbit
  • My Shadow

The Sprout enjoyed singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Twinkle, Twinkle Traffic Light. It was delightful to watch them make hand motions while they sang.

The activities the Sprouts especially enjoyed this month were Finding and tracing and chasing their shadows. It’s a good thing the sun was out! Also, turning the lights off and using flashlights in the classroom was a hit, and using magnatiles on the light table was especially fun.

Monthly Highlights:

Beckett would take theflashlights and shine them all over the room, telling us, “It is shining.” 

Kruz liked to play at the light table and build tall magna tile towers. He always let us know how big his tower was. “Oh, it’s big.”

Julia had fun exploring the room, watching her flashlight dance on the wall. 

Levi did a great job building the magna tiles on the light table. He would say, “It’s all light up.” 

Archer liked watching his shadow outside. He would look at his shadow and say, “Big. Run away. Run away” and run across the playground. 

Penny would look at the light table and say, “It’s light.” She then would put a magnet tile on it and smile.

Riley liked going outside and seeing her shadow. She would say, “My shadow is so big.” 

Rowan had fun finding all the lights in the room. He would point to each light and say, “It.”

It was a great month, and we can’t wait to see our new adventures in June.

In June, we will be discovering fun things to do with Paper. All the Sprouts love coloring, ripping, and feeling the different types of paper we use. As we study paper, the Sprouts will develop language and literacy skills as they discuss the various types of paper and how we use them. Social skills as they create art with paper alongside peers; fine motor skills as they tear paper and turn pages on a paper book; and cognitive skills as they explore, attend to and engage in activities using paper. 


  • Fathers Day is June 16th
  • Please bring in a hat for your child to wear outside
  • Check your child’s cubby to replenish extra clothes

Thank you for everything you do. If you have any questions or concerns, we are here for you. Have a very Happy Father’s Day and a wonderful June.

                   Teresa, Jennifer, and Nana Julie


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