Dear Sprout Families,

Wow can you believe it, only one more month before summer will be over and the kiddos will be going back to school. The summer just flew by.

In July we were On the Farm. We learned all about what is on a farm and what a farmer does on the farm. At circle time we looked at different videos that talked about each animal on the farm and what their job was. They all really enjoyed watching and seeing a real farm. Here are a few of the books we read during the month: The Little Rabbit Who Liked to Moo by Jonathan Allen, What’s on my Farm by Priddy Books, The Little Red Hen by Harriet Ziefert and Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown. We also sang Old McDonald Had a Farm, Baa Baa Black Sheep and Down on the Farm.

During morning activity time we all enjoyed being farmers, milking the cow, collecting the chicken eggs, shearing the sheep and picking the corn. Outside we even shucked corn. They all did a great job pulling on the husk. It was a little hard but most of them were able to get the husk off. After read TheLittle Red Hen, we decided to bake our own bread and butter. There is nothing better than warm bread and butter, which was evident when we only had crumbs left.

The Sprouts planted carrot seeds in the dirt. We watched them sprout and then by magic they grew into a big carrot. (Well Ms. Amy went to the store and put a real carrot in the dirt) We took apples, peeled them, added a few ingredients and made a very delicious applesauce. A few friends went with Ms. Amy and took some applesauce to Ms. Tammy to taste. She said “This is the best applesauce.” 

To end our study of the farm we used art to create the animals that live on the farm. They listened to the sounds they made and guessed what animal was making that sound. Here is a few highlights each sprout enjoyed through out the month:

Fletcher had fun sitting at the table playing with the farm animals. He picked up the rooster, pointed to the top of its head and told Ms. Amy “Look. That’s his comb” just like in the book we read at circle time. 

Grey would take the fence pieces, make a circle, put the animals in it and say “Dey in the barn.”

Lillian at art time had fun coloring the different farm animals. As she was coloring her animals would make their sound.

Nell did a great job finding all the eggs under the chickens. When she had the basket all filled up with eggs, would tell us “I like the pink ones.” 

Jackson liked to fill up the train tractor with farm animals and push it all over the room. As he was pushing it around would say “Cow moo.”

Riley had a great first month in the classroom. She really enjoyed taking the stuffed farm animals to the kitchen area and making food for them.

Beckett would also fill up the tractor with farm animals and drive it around the room. He always had the horse drive and then would say “Neigh. Neigh.”

Caleb would fill up the tractor with the farm animals, say “I going now” and push it all over the room with his other friends.

Poppy enjoyed all the different farm activities we did during the month. One of her favorite things was collecting the eggs and playing with the stuffed chickens. As she got an egg would say “I got it! I got it! 

It was a great month learning about the different things that happen on the farm and the animals that live on the farm. We can’t wait to see what new things we will learn next month.

In August, we will be exploring Rocks and Rivers. We are sure you have noticed how your Sprout has begun to see, play with, and collect rocks. They sure love collecting them in their pockets. 

As we study rocks an rivers, the Sprouts will anser the qusestions, what is a rock? and what lives in a river?Our Rock and River study will incorporate all the developmental areas of learning. We can’t wait to share with you next month what we learned and finish off our year together with a “rocky splash”

We will say goodbye to: Caleb,Fletcher,Grey, Landon, Lillian,Nell,Poppy,& Townes. Proudly, they are ready for the Bud Room but we will sure miss them!

Just a few reminders for the month:

  • Make sure your Sprout has weather appropriate extra clothes.
  • We will be closed on August 31st and September 1st for our classroom cleaning and getting ready for the new class coming in.
  • For the Sprouts moving over to the Bud room, we will pack up all their belongings on Wednesday August 30th. This way you can start fresh in the new room.

Thank you for everything. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Have an excellent August.

                        Teresa, Amy and Nana Julie

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