Dear Sprout Families,

June was such a fun month full of chasing, throwing, and catching balls and popping bubbles! The Sprouts had so much fun exploring the sizes, colors, and textures of different balls inside and outside of the classroom.  We had balls that would light up when bounced, some with soft spikes, and the favorites that had frogs and flowers on them.  Of course, the sports balls are still a favorite amongst all the children.  Everyone loved throwing the basketballs, and kicking the soccer balls back and forth to each other.  

Outside time was filled with chasing and popping bubbles.  The Buds shared their bubble blower with us and it was super exciting because there were so many bubbles to run through and pop.  They took turns with the Narwhal puppet and chased down bubbles popping them with his horn, just like our story Bubbles by Ben Clanton.  

Art time was filled with painting, coloring, and gluing.  At Circle time we read You Can’t Kiss a Bubble by Karen Wyle and Watch Me Throw the Ball by Mo Willems.  We sang Take me out the the Ball Game (a huge favorite) and I Had a Little Turtle.  The children loved clapping their hands together at the end of the song to pop the bubble. Here are a few highlights the Sprouts enjoyed this month.

Poppy loved taking a bouncy ball and laying her stomach on it she would roll back and forth, lifting her arms off the ground to try to fly like an airplane.

Beckett would bring the bouncy ball to the teachers and have them throw it on the roof.  He would stand smiling and watching with anticipation for it to roll back down.

Landon liked to put his ball inside his hat and try to put it on his head without the ball falling out.  Each time the ball fell he laughed and said “uh-oh.”

Townes would fill the dump truck with the balls filled with water (his favorite) and push them around, stopping to dump them and watch them roll away.

Caleb had a blast chasing bubbles around with the Narwhal puppet, squealing with delight and shouting “I got it” every time he popped a bubble.

Grey liked to shake the bottle with footballs and basketballs in it and say “look at all the balls!”

Jackson would stack the pieces from the ball puzzle on top of each other and say “a tower” before placing them back into the puzzle.

Nell thought it was funny to put the ball inside her shirt and run around the playground shouting “look it’s bouncing.”

Fletcher has quite an arm.  Every day he would take his favorite ball and throw it back and forth across the classroom.

It sure has been a fun and exciting month!

Welcome to the Farm!!

For the month of July we will be learning all about Farm Life.  Studying about farms is a great way to explain to children about different animals we find and what important roles they play, and discuss what kinds of food we grow on the farm and how it is harvested.

Some ideas we will be covering:

  • What different kinds of farms there are
  • Animals and Plants on a farm
  • Farmers have many jobs
  • We get lot’s of things from farms!

Throughout the month the classroom will be transformed into a Farm.  We will be milking cows, collecting eggs, shearing sheep, and harvesting our crops.  Exploring everything Farm from the barn to the fields to the market.

Some things you can do at home:

  • Visit the Farmer’s Market and talk about where the food came from
  • Visit the Alpaca farm and talk about how they shear the fleece and what kinds of things they can make with it
  • While driving through the country talk about the different animals you see and what role they play on the farm

This is going to be a busy month full of exciting new activities and learning!

We would like to wish Landon, and Townes the best summer hanging out with their families, they will be greatly missed.  We would also like to welcome Riley into the Sprout Room. We are so excited to meet you and learn all about you and your family.

Welcome back Lillian!  She has been on vacation for the month of June and we can’t wait to hear about all your travels.

Here is a few reminders for the month: 

  • Make sure your Sprout has plenty of weather-appropriate extra clothes. As it gets warmer outside we like to have lots of water play. 
  • Please make sure to bring in a summer hat. The sun really beats down on us as we are in the sandbox and running outside.

Reminder we will be closed July 4th.

Thank you, Teresa, Amy, & Nana Julie

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