Dear Sprout Families,

Well, the year is at an end. I don’t know about you, but it sure went fast for us. Maybe 2024 won’t go as fast. Thank you all for coming to the Meet and Greet. It was nice being able to talk and not have kiddos all around. 

We hope you have had the opportunity to meet Megan. She joined the classroom at the end of November.

In November, we explored Seats and Manners. All the Sprouts by the end of the month were really good about using their please and thank you’s. If they didn’t say it, they sure would sign it. 

At circle time, we looked at pictures of seats you can sit on. They would point to some and say, “Have at home.” We also read books about chairs and using our manners. Here are the books we read: There’s a Bear on My Chair by Ross Collins, Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson, The Peas Say Please by Tori Hane, and I am Not a Chair by Ross Burach. Most of them enjoyed the book I Am Not a Chair. They would laugh at all the silly things the giraffe did. The songs we sang were The More We Get Together and a song about sitting on chairs. By the end of the month, all the Sprout knew the hand motions to the song The More We Get Together. 

Art time we painted, colored and glued different types of seats. We had some great looking chairs with our gluing project. Very abstract. As the Thanksgiving holiday got closer we made a few turkey projects that they all enjoyed doing. 

In the classroom we had puzzles that showed people sitting on chairs and had our chair and couch in the book area they could sit on. They also liked to point to the benches outside. When we would go outside some of the Sprouts would run over and sit down. 

Here is a few things each Sprout enjoyed this month: 

Beckett liked looking at all the pictures of the different seats. He would say “I sit on them.”

Jackson was really good at remembering to use his manners. He would always smile and say “Please and Thank you.” 

Julia enjoyed making all the seat projects. She really had fun painting the blue bench.

Levi had a great first month. He wasn’t too sure about art at first but by the middle of the month he came running to the table to make the seat projects.

Archer had fun listening to our seat books at circle time. In the book I am Not a Chair when the wooden giraffe seat broke he said “Oh no.” 

Penny also had fun with the seat projects. When she was done coloring the chair, she told us, “Sit. Sit.”

Rowan enjoyed all the books we read at circle time.

In the Bear Says Thanks book, he always says “Thanks” when Bear does. 

Riley had fun sitting on all the seats in the room. Her favorite was the couch because she could lie down on it. 

It was a great month learning about all the different seats and using our manners. We can’t wait to see what fun things we will do in December.

In December, we will be exploring Paper and Presents. All the Sprouts love coloring, ripping, and feeling the different types of paper we use. As we study the paper, the Sprouts will develop language and literacy skills as they discuss the different kinds of writing and how they use them. Social skills as they create art with paper alongside peers; fine motor skills as they tear paper; and cognitive skills as they explore, attend to, and engage in activities using the form. 

During circle time, we will read about a paper story and presents you can wrap with paper. We will sing a few songs for our holiday sing-along and a paper star song. At art time, we will glue, feel, tear, paint, and color on all paper types.

In the classroom, in the dress-up area, we will have paper bags for them to put their unique treasures in. The sensory bin will be filled with different paper textures they can feel and tear apart.

It will be a fun-filled month exploring and learning about Paper and the presents we wrap with the paper. 

Here is a few reminders for the month: 

  • Please make sure your Sprout has weather-appropriate extra clothes. As the weather gets wetter, they do fall outside and can get pretty wet. 
  • If you have any special wrapping paper or paper we would love to have you bring some in so we could explore and use it for projects.
  • Don’t forget the Holiday Sing-a-long on December 11th. 

Thank you for all you do. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come and talk to us. Have a great December and a wonderful holiday.

                          Teresa, Megan and Nana Julie



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