Sprout Room

Sprout Room

Our Philosophy

Our goal at Growing Tree is to make your toddler feel safe, secure, and nurtured while in our care. Toddlers are starting to stretch their wings and assert themselves and need to have clear limits set and routines established. Our toddlers thrive on the praise we give them for their new accomplishments which builds a positive sense of self.

Nurturing Care:

We recognize that each toddler is a unique individual who develops at their own rate. Our Sprouts are divided into “family pods,” each with a teacher/ primary caregiver. Each pod has four toddlers. This method of caregiving allows teachers, children, and families the opportunity to develop strong bonds and consistent individual care.

Growth and Development:

Promoting independence is at the core of our program. We encourage each child to do as much for themselves as they are able with the loving support of their teacher. Our teachers gently encourage your child to grow and learn with confidence which builds positive self-esteem.


18 – 30 months
Child/Teacher Ratio 4:1

A Balanced Day:

The Sprout Room creates a schedule that is structured, yet flexible for your toddler. The day is balanced with quiet and noisy activities, indoor and outdoor exploration, meals, and naptime. You can expect to see your child doing creative art work, playing games, cooking and freely exploring their environment. You will see children climbing, jumping, and rearranging the furniture because we believe a child learns by exploring their environment their way. “Daily Reports” are sent home each day. These reports track your toddlers eating, sleeping, and diapering schedules as well as activities.