Dear Families, 

The month of July went by so fast! That must mean we all had a great time enjoying each other and all of our activities. The Sprouts have been so busy with water, sand and rocks! The sandbox has been a fun place to practice fine motor skills as well as to develop healthy imaginations. Water play has been so fun and not just for outside. The Sprouts did a lot of water painting and we talked about what made the water dry so quickly on a hot day. Running through the sprinkler and splashing in the water table were hands down the Sprouts favorite activity of the month and it was so fun to watch them interact in their own way with the water. 

Monthly Highlights: 

Addison had a great time painting the walkway with water during outside time. She was so proud of the many elephants she created on her own!

Bodi was so interested in painting with sand. He especially enjoyed the texture he created after his art dried. 

Cannon did a fantastic job painting rocks and created his own color combination for each one he made!

Millie loves to help her teachers and friends. She did a great job making a chore like washing toys in the sink a fun activity!

Olive always makes the most beautiful art! She takes advantage of all the colors available to her and she made the most beautiful designs with the watercolors. 

Tate can never get enough time in the sandbox outside! You can always find him digging and building or sometimes just laying in the sand during outside time. 

Taylor is always excited to see the water table come out while in the classroom. She loves to play with the boats and rocks in the water while making sound effects!

Wesley loved the stories we had about rocks and water. He especially noticed all of the beautiful 

colors in the book Water by Frank Asch.

Our study for August is going to be all about 

“P is for Pets.” The Sprouts will explore all kinds of animals. Dogs, cats, horses, fish, and much more!  We hope to learn about your pets at home too. We would appreciate pictures of your pets and child to share with the group. 


  • Pet the Pets
  • Hooray for Birds
  • Biscuit Visits the Doctor


  • Bingo
  • Down on GramPa’s Farm

The Sprouts have been working so hard on their fine motor skills when it comes to putting on/taking off shoes and socks and we are so proud of their progress! Having them work on this at home with you further encourages their independence as well as a positive sense of accomplishment! Have your Sprout practice with a hair scrunchie, its a great first step to putting a real sock on their foot.

In September we have a big move! Addison, Cannon, Millie, Tate and Wesley are going to the Bud Room! We will miss all of them so very much but are excited about their next adventure! Thank you, parents, for everything. It has been a pleasure to be able to watch all your kiddos grow and learn in our care! Best wishes!

Stay Cool,

Ms. kelcy & Ms Tracy

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