Dear Sprout 2 Families, 

In May the Sprouts did a great job exploring Clothing. During Circle, we discussed different types of clothing and what they are for as well as how to care for them and why we wear specific clothing due to weather or jobs. We sang the song  What Color Am I Wearing using each child’s name in the song to describe what they were wearing each day and brought awareness to what they and others wore regularly. 

Our artwork consisted of colorful pajamas and shirts to decorate the way they liked and of course, we made a shirt to match Pete from Pete the Cat’s

 4 Groovy Buttons story.  Always a class favorite. 

The Sprouts also played games where they matched socks of different colors and even traced our shoes. It was so fun to watch the Sprouts compare shoes with their friends and to even try them on!

Monthly Highlights:

Addison really focused her interests on shoes this month. She practiced taking hers off and then trying on her friends and teachers shoes too!

Bodi was the biggest helper on laundry day! He helped wash and hang up all of the socks outside to dry!

Cannon loved dressing up as the Fire Marshall and would pretend to come to the rescue with the fire truck!

Millie loved dressing up in the Home Center. She realized she could be anything she wanted to be with just a change of an outfit!

Olive took her time with her shirt artwork and painted a masterpiece that we hung on the board for all to see!

Tate noticed his shirt had buttons just like Pete the Cat and became very aware of buttons everywhere!

Taylor discovered her favorite toy of the month was the busy boards. She had a lot of practice working on her zipping and snapping! 

Wesley loved our sock-matching challenge 

and found so many socks so quickly that we had to step our game up!

Our June study will be all about Lights.  

We plan to be discussing and discovering anything that gives off light. The Sun, Moon, and Stars will 

be fun to learn about as well as other things that project light that is more interactive based like flashlights, traffic lights, glow sticks and night 


Some investigative questions we will be asking and testing are:

  • What makes Light?
  • How do we use Light?
  • How do we turn lights on and off?
  • What happens if there is no Light?


Where is the Sun?

My Shadow

Lights On, Lights Off


This Little Light of Mine

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

In September Cannon, Millie, Tate and Wesley will

be moving to the Bud Room and to prepare we are working hard on putting on and removing socks and shoes independently. Encouragement at home will keep our Sprouts on track.

Have a fantastic June! We appreciate you all!

Ms. Kelcy and Ms. Tracy 

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