Dear Sprout Families,

In April, the Sprouts focused on boxes and containers. We talked about their everyday use and how we can use them. The Sprout’s ideas just kept coming! We made a boat, a boxcar, and a garage for the monster trucks, but the classroom favorite was the flashlight fort! Everyone did a great job practicing taking turns with the flashlight while sitting in the fort with a friend—many thanks for all the boxes donated to the classroom. The Sprouts enjoyed using their imagination and testing ideas with all of them.

Teachers always seek new ideas to encourage fine motor skills and independence. To promote these skills, our Sprouts worked on opening, closing, twisting, turning, snapping, and unsnapping the boxes and containers we provided.

Monthly Highlights:

Avery used her big imagination and sailed her boat across the ocean! Luckily, she had plenty of books and animals to keep her and her friends occupied during the trip. 

Elia played hide and seek with the stuffed animals in the boxes. She loved hiding her favorite frog inside the big and small boxes and showing them to her friends!

Finn and Otto had the best time using the flashlight in the fort they created! The sound of their giggles from inside the box made their friends come in for a visit!

Henry thought it was fun to hide bugs inside the smaller containers and ask his teachers to open them with a suspicious smile. What a great trick!

McKenna was really interested in the containers and how they worked. She did a great job helping friends open them up when they got stuck.

While cooking in the Home Center, Sophie used all the boxes and comtainers to make meals for her friends. Thanks Sophie

Wilder has been working on his shape sorting and found that they also fit in the many containers and boxes. He just loved carrying them around the classroom!

In May, the Sprouts will focus on our clothes. Throughout the month, we will discuss all kinds of clothing and when we wear them. Some questions we will ask are: 

  • What do we wear? 
  • What do we do when our clothes get dirty?
  • Why do we have clothes?

The Sprouts will practice fine and gross motor skills as they play dress up and learn about buttons, zippers, snaps, and putting on shoes and socks.

We will be reading :

  • Llama Llama Red Pajama
  • I Love My White Shoes 

Songs will include:

  • What Color am I Wearing
  • One Bright Scarf. 

What can you do at home?

  • Draw your child’s attention to their clothes and invite them to help choose what to wear that day. 
  • You can offer two choices. 
  • Discuss with your child why those choices would be appropriate for that day. 
  • Lastly, allow them time to try, try, try.


Check your child’s cubby basket for extra clothes and weather-appropriate jackets. With warmer weather coming, we will be ready for fun and more messes!

Thank you to everyone for chatting with us at conferences about your child and their development. 

We always look forward to connecting with you!

Have a great May!

Ms. Kelcy and Ms. Tracy 


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