Dear Sprout Families,
Our February study “Me , Myself and I” was
such a fun success! The Sprouts loved learning about
their bodies and all the different ways they move. We
did a lot of dancing and some yoga where we learned
to move our bodies together in different situations.
Head, Shoulder , Knees and Toes was a class favorite
as well as The Freeze Dance which is always fun to
dance to. We also did a lot of practice about what our
emotions looked like while looking in a mirror.
February also brought Valentine’s Day fun that
included exchanging valentines as well as a special
treat prepared by Mr. Matt. Thank you to everyone for
the goodies and participating in the festivities.
In March our study will be “Bubbles and Balls”.
Children are fascinated with bubbles and balls and get
so much enjoyment from watching how they move.
They often carry balls, roll them, throw them, kick
them and chase them all while supporting their
development and learning in all areas. Here are a few
examples of what the Sprouts will be experiencing
this month.
● Rules for ball play inside and outside
● Using their fingers to put pom pom balls into
● Identifying balls (soccer, basketball)
● Matching
● Comparing sizes
Focus Words for March:
● Bounce
● Pop

“We cannot always build the future for our youth,
but we can build our youth for the future.”
~Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Monthly Highlights:
Addison has been really enjoying playing with the
monster trucks. She drives sometimes two at a time
so fast she can outrace her entire class!Go Addi go!
Bodi has been having the best time on the big
playground! He loves waving to his friends from the
bubble and going down the big slide!
Cannon loves being in the snow no matter what the
temperature! You can always find him shoveling or
plowing our roads with the bulldozer. Thank you
Jack is our resident artist. He cannot get enough of
expressing himself on paper in any form!
Millie is always in the kitchen cooking for her baby
dolls or her friends. Her specialties are noodles and
ice cream.
Olive has really been enjoying working with the
different puzzles in the classroom.
Tate is such an amazing dancer! You should see his
Freeze Dance moves!
Taylor always has a smile on her face and has been
doing an amazing job working on her motor skills
inside and outside of the classroom.
Wesley enjoys building. He loves stacking blocks,
bottles and even dinosaurs to see how high they can
go. Great job Wesley!
Thank you to everyone for being so supportive
and making sure your child has everything they
need to be comfortable while at school. We can not
do this without you!
Lastly, we say goodbye to Jack. We will think of
you everyday knowing you are in the sun, on the
beach, in the Bahamas, living the life! We will miss
you!! Cannot wait to see you again.
Ms. Kelcy and Ms. Tracy

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