Dear Sprout Families,

“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.”

-Diane A.

Our study for June was “Light.” The Sprouts had so much fun learning and testing out this theme. Inside, star gazing before naptime was a favorite and made a peaceful transition to sleep. We built some amazing towers with magnet tiles on the light table and read books with flashlights while the classroom lights were off. We also wore our cool sunglasses while outside to protect our eyes. It has been so bright! The Sprouts always love to dance, and this month, we had dance parties in the dark with our unique lamps and glow sticks! 

Sprout Highlights:

Avery’s favorite part of circle time was reading “Black Rabbit.” This story was about a rabbit and his shadow. Avery also found her shadow while playing outside! 

Elia used a flashlight to color with crayons. She made a beautiful picture! 

Finn became very aware of the moon. He would find it outside in the morning and noticed how it would sometimes look different. 

 Henry enjoyed learning about flashlights. He pushed the light on and off , showing so much independence!

McKenna made a sun using contact paper and yellow tissue paper. We put it on our window, and it resembled stained glass! 

Otto discovered that our light projector had green stars (his favorite color)! He helped push the button until the stars moved across the wall.

Sophie took her flashing light into the tunnel during free play. We think it helped guide her as she crawled through—such a great idea!

Wilder was always the first one to play at the light table. One day, he said, “I am making a triangle house!” Everyone came over to admire his structure!

Next month’s study will focus on Rocks, Sand, and Water. We will explore water and sand play and paint rocks and watercolors. 


  • I Found a Rock
  • Water
  • Llama Llama Sand & Sun


  • Row, Row, Row Your boat
  • The Sandcastle

Some tremendous investigative questions for next month:

  • What is a rock? 
  • What do we do with water?
  • Where do we find sand?

We are just a few months from September, which means a BIG move to the Bud Room for all the Sprouts! We have been working on a few skills the Bud teachers would like them to have prior to moving into their room. These skills include:

  • Encouraging each child to take their socks and shoes on and off
  • Pulling their pants up and down during diaper changes in preparation for potty training
  • Scooting their chairs up to the table
  • Pushing chairs back under the table

Have a great month! Stay cool! ☀

            Ms. Kelcy and Ms. Yesenia  


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