Dear Sprout Families,

Last month, our study was “Balls and Bubbles”. This was such a fun theme to work with! At Circle Time, we introduced two new songs: Like a Ball and Icky Sticky Bubble Gum. They were all a hit, and everyone was excited to join in every morning. We also transformed our classroom into one big ball pit and had multiple games of hide the circles in the classroom. We also had our usual dance parties with a twist this month when we added bubbles to our dancing!

This month…

Avery found her “Super Powers” with the red and green light-up balls! She surprised us every day with all of her new abilities!

Elia enjoyed the bubble paint art this month. She watched in utter amazement as the bubbles grew!

Finn thought the new balls we got for the classroom were the best! You can always find him playing with a different ball, especially outside. 

Henry has been our best bubble popper! He loves chasing them and catching them before they touch the ground!

Mckenna had the best time dancing and popping bubbles during our dance parties! She loves stomping on them, just like an elephant!

Otto did a fantastic job with his marble art! He was so engaged and loved being a part of the set-up process, too!

Sophie has been on vacation this month, living the beach life. We have been keeping her in our thoughts and are excited for her return!

Wilder loves the Icky Sticky Bubble Gum song by Ms. Rachel and thought pulling the bubble gum off his body was so funny!

 For April, our study will be on “Containers and Boxes.” Our focus words will be “Open” and “Close,” and the Sprouts will be exploring and learning from the questions : 

  • How do we open/close boxes/containers?
  • What are the shapes of our boxes/containers?
  • What do we use boxes/containers for?

This study will promote learning and development in the areas of: 

  • Fine motor skills: opening and closing boxes/containers
  • Mathematical skills: counting and stacking
  • Cognitive skills: problem solving

What can you do at home? 

Look for similar materials found around your house. Many household items that use boxes and containers can be used as teaching examples. For instance, food storage and cooking items can spark informative conversations. Discussions on what is stored in specific containers can answer all those “Why” questions toddlers love to ask. Invite your child to explore these items and to talk about them together!


  • Conferences are on April 12th!
  • We are in search of any boxes that would be fun to play with. The bigger, the better!!
  • We know mornings are busy, and things can be forgotten sometimes. Please feel free to bring in more than one pack of diapers/ wipes or extra clothes/shoes/jackets. We have plenty of storage space!       

Ms. Kelcy and Ms. Tracy 

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