Dear Seedling Families,

How can it be the last month of summer already?

It’s always so hard to say goodbye to our little ones and their families as they move on to new adventures in the Big Seed room. We so appreciate the time we have been able to spend with this amazing group of little ones watching them grow and learn new things everyday. 

We want to thank all our parents for entrusting us with the care of their infants and being such amazing partners in their care. We know how hard it is for you to make the choice to leave your infant in the care of another and we hope you know much we appreciate being able to love and care for them. It makes our hearts happy to be able to be a part of watching them grow and develop their own individual personalities and see the pride on their faces when they conquer a new milestone or succeed at a task they have been working on. 

We have been taking full advantage of the warm weather, spending time outside blowing bubbles, exploring the grass, leaves and dirt, feeling the breeze and of course having water play!

The babies who can stand have been able to join the Big Seeds at the water table but we brought out a small pool for the ground so our sitters don’t miss out on the fun and can splash around too. 

Bode and Brody are fully invested in water play and have to be reminded that it is for our hands only and your whole body can’t go in. They even love having their heads sprinkled and joining the Big Seeds at the water table table. 

Mary, Bennett and Norah were a little more skeptical but once they warmed up to the idea they were all in, splashing and laughing. 

Once the excitement settled down and the big splashers moved on Owen, Alice and Savannah felt comfortable exploring the pool and playing with the cups and running their hands through the cool water. 

Penny preferred to join the Big Seeds at the standing table and has even started taking steps on her own.

Blake wasn’t ready to put her hands in but did enjoy having a little cool water sprinkled on her head. We have enjoyed getting to know her and seeing her family again. She will be staying with us in the Seedling room and helping us welcome her new friends in September. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s transition to the Big Seed room please don’t hesitate to talk with us. We would also love to introduce you to their new teachers if you haven’t already met them when you have a little extra time at pick up. 

We hope everyone has a great month!

Miss Jolene and Miss Devi

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