Dear Seedling Families,

We hope all our Dad’s had an amazing Father’s Day and enjoyed their cards. If anyone would like an extra copy of any of the pictures let Miss Jo know and she can send them to you. 

Sara has been helping out in the Seedlings class getting to know the babies and letting them get to know her. She will be filling in For Miss Jo while she is on vacation.

Sophie has enjoyed spending time in the Big Seed room this past month and is ready to join Henry.

We will be welcoming Blake to our class this month (her brother Fletcher is in the Sprout room). We look forward to getting to know her and seeing more of her family again.

Savannah and Alice are sitting independently and appreciate the new view point. They also have started eating purees and are excited about the new tastes and textures.

Owen has started commando crawling and immediately started trying to pull himself up on the first thing he could get to. He is enjoying his independence. 

Brody has started pulling to a stand and letting go working on his balance. He is standing independently for longer and longer periods. 

Penny has been pushing the ride on toys around the play yard and her balance and coordination are improving quickly. She will be ready to walk soon.

Mary is also sitting independently and is working hard on crawling. She rolls to her belly and pushes with her toes trying to move forward. She will be on the move in no time. 

Bode has started pulling himself up on everything and only wants to be on his feet. He wants to do everything the big kids do. 

It has been fun getting to know Bennett. He is a happy, easy going little guy and we love hearing his happy little chitters throughout the day. He has been mastering climbing up and down the red stairs in the play yard. 

The weather is supposed to heat up this month. We will limit our time outside if the temperature risesto ensure the babies don’t over heated. We offer drinks of water frequently and always have it available as well as water tables and shallow bins for the little ones to splash with their hands and cool down. 

We hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July. 

Miss Jolene & Miss Devi

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