Dear Big Seed Families,

Welcome to August, our last hurrah as Big Seeds! Next month our sweet Big Seeds will become Sprouts. Although we’re sad to watch them leave, we are so excited for our friends and their new transition. Luckily, they are right across the hall and we can visit any time.Take some time this month to pop into the Sprout classrooms and say hello! They are looking forward to meeting all of you and giving you a rundown on their classes.   

We have a transition of our own happening. Ms. Sarah is now a Big Seeds teacher. Woohoo! If you haven’t yet, please say hello and introduce yourself to her! We are lucky she’s here! The children have warmed up to her quickly and she has lots of fun plans for our class. 

In July, we stomped and roared our way through our dinosaur study. This month we will be learning all about Things That Grow to represent our Big Seeds growth in their future endeavors. Thank you to everyone who brought in paper towel and toilet paper rolls last month. They have been beneficial supplies to our art projects and activities. 


This Summer has been a hot one! Please make sure your child has weather appropriate spare clothing in their bins. We plan on doing lots of water play for the rest of the summer. If it is more convenient for you, please bring in an oversized t-shirt for your child to wear during that time. Otherwise, we have spare shirts that we will put them in. Our Big Seeds have been working hard practicing drinking out of open lid cups. They have been excelling, but you may have noticed that we have been changing their clothes more often due to accidental spills. You can help your child practice their new skill by trying open lid cups at home.  

 July Highlights:

Avery has been demonstrating her sweet side all month by loving on the Seedlings. She knows them all by name and will gently hug them or pat them during our outside time together. Her enthusiasm for the babies is contagious. You can always find Avery in a teacher’s lap ready to sing, play, or read a book. 

Archer’s vocabulary is rapidly expanding! He has a large variety of animal noises and names when we read books together and he can also name his articles of clothing. His special “growl” will always be our favorite animal noise he makes. Archer has also been demonstrating more independence when washing his hands, throwing away his paper towel, and drinking from his open cup. He is ready for Sprouts! 

Finn has been enjoying, exploring, and participating more and more in our messy sensory classroom activities! It has been so much fun to watch him grow in this way. Finn has found enjoyment out of musical play and finding more creative outlets with his growing artistic abilities. Finn has been a fantastic helper during clean up time. He’s always the first one to start picking up toys and putting them away in their proper place. 

Otto has blossomed in leadership and helpfulness skills this past month. Otto enjoys when Matt brings the food so he can push the food cart for the teachers, helping put away the cots after nap time, holding the dust pan for us when we sweep, and has been our special hydrating helper carrying around our HydroFlasks. His wonderfully mischievous and adventurous energy is contagious!

 Henry has shown us a new side to him this month. As he has gotten more comfortable in our class, his silly side has started to emerge. Henry is no stranger to giggling and making silly faces at us. He loves digging in the dirt outside, throwing balls, driving the red car outside, and pretending to eat food in our play kitchen. 

Sophie has one wonderful with her transition to Big Seeds. It’s almost like she’s been here the whole time! She has quickly adapted to our routine and schedule. Sophie has been pretty independent and self-sufficient, but she will randomly come over to our laps for a snuggle. It melts our hearts every time to see her sweet side. Sophie has enjoyed our dramatic play area the most so far. She likes dress-up, baby dolls, and our play kitchen and corresponding accessories. 

Julia’s independence is growing rapidly! We are so excited that she is now WALKING everywhere. Yay Julia! She is quickly figuring out what she can do on her own and what she can do with guidance from teachers and peers. Her open cup drinking skills are excellent and her ability to communicate is growing with words such as “momma”. Outside she has been enjoying the little red car and rocking blue dog. 

Rowan and Archer have grown quite fond of each other this month. They are always side-by-side playing and chasing each other around. It’s a pretty sweet friendship that’s blooming. Rowan has been loving the dinosaurs this month. He carries them around the playground and will often initiate a trade with his friends when he’s done playing with one. As always, he has perfected his gross motor skills by climbing, running, jumping, and pushing things around. Does he ever stop moving? 😉


Please remember to gather all your kiddos belongings by August 30th. 

A big farewell to our Big Seeds! We will miss having all of you in our class. 

Happy transitions to all, 

Rebecca, Sarah, and Emily 

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