Dear Seedling Families,

Things are really starting to get busy in the Seedling room as our group continues to grow and develop. Friends are starting to move around the class independently, show interest and engage with other friends and are expanding their diets from milk and formula to include a variety of purees and even some finger foods. 

Wynter has started commando crawling around the room, getting up on her hands and knees and rocking back and forth and pushing herself back up to a sit. She is warming up to purees and finger foods and has discovered a few new flavors and textures she likes as well as some she doesn’t. 

Blake is a steady sitter now and really enjoys the view up there. She is very curious and social so she needs to be facing the rest of the class so she can watch her friends and see what is going on. She hates having her back to everyone and always has something to say.

Declan has learned how to commando crawl and has been exploring all the corners of the classroom he couldn’t get to before. He especially loves the tile floor where he can get a grip with his hands and pull himself around. 

Grady got his first 2 teeth in and has been doing a lot of smiling to show them off. He has also started eating purees and loves all the new tastes and textures. 

Unlike his brother Jaxon is more reserved about the new foods and is unsure of the tastes and textures. He is warming up to the idea and is always willing to give it a try. He has also started rolling front to back  and even back to front again. 

Cadence is also a big fan of her purees and is excited to try all the new flavors and textures. She has mastered rolling over and is even trying to pull herself forward to reach different toys.

Violet is getting her knees up under her hips and is trying to push herself forward. She is ready to get moving. She is also starting to sit with a little support. 

Jordan has been working on his tummy time and has learned to spin around on his belly to reach new toys to play with. He is pushing himself backwards and trying to figure out how to shift into forward gear. He has also started sampling some finger foods and has 4 teeth!. 

We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed the Bum-Kins their little ones made. A 

lot of giggles and bathes went into making them 

and someone also peed this year to add to the fun!

 I guess a cold wet paintbrush to the bum can 

do that to you. 

It was great getting to meet with each of you for conferences and having a time to chat to talk about your child. We value your input and enjoy telling you about your child’s day at Growing Tree. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at the

 Christmas sing-a-long and hope everyone has a Wonderful Holiday Season and Happy New Year!

Miss Jolene and Miss Devi

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