Dear Seedling Families,
It’s been great having so many little ones in the
Seedling room again. We have brought out all our
baby gyms and are washing bottles like crazy but it
has been a joy getting to know our new friends and
help them settle in. They have been amazing and are
doing so well.
Savannah is very curious and busy. She is always
holding her head high trying to watch everything
going on around her and when she is playing in her
gym her little legs are always kicking.
Alice is a little more chill and melts into you when
you hold and snuggle her. She is getting more active
kicking and batting at her hanging toys and is quick
to smile.
Norah is very independent and ready to go. She is
almost rolling over from her back to front and loves
being on her feet in the jumper. She is always
smiling and enjoys being near her friends to coo and
Owen enjoys being snuggled and reading books. He
is enjoying his tummy time more and more and is
grasping his toys with purpose and bringing them to
his mouth for a good chew.
Mary needed a few days for some quiet observation
to decide how she felt about school and new people.
Now that she feels comfortable she enjoys being
cuddled and has a lot to say. She enjoys playing in
her gym and is trying to roll over.

Brody is sitting with support and rolling from his
back to his belly. He is working on rolling back. He
has discovered the mirrors and spends a lot of time
smiling and making faces at his reflection.
Bode has mastered rolling from his back to his belly
and seems to prefer being on his stomach to play and
is stretching out tummy time longer and longer. He is
pushing up looking around the room and even trying
to push himself forward.
Penny seems to be determined to be a bottom
scooter and get around in her own way. She is trying
to pull to a stand on the cube and enjoys sitting at the
little table with Henry for meals.
Henry has been going over to the Big Seed room to
play every chance he gets to play and eat at the big
table. He is getting steadier on his feet and is starting
to let go and balance on his own for short periods.
Sophie has been on vacation all month. We can’t
wait to see her beautiful smile when she returns
We have enjoyed getting to know our new friends
and their families. Our older babies have been very
curious about their new little friends and we are
impressed with how gentle they have been
interacting with them. We feel fortunate to have
ch a great group of babies and families.
Have a great Month!
Ms Jolene, Ms Devi, and Ms Stephanie
PS: We would love a family picture from our new
families to add to our family board.

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