Hello, Bud Families!

July is already finished and we are moving on to the month of august! We have been learning so much about our emotions and how to regulate our big feelings! 

We began our study by firstly having discussions about the various types of emotions we experience daily! The class got to learn new emotion songs and emotion dances! The buds are excelling in identifying behaviors that can be challenging to  them and healthy coping mechanisms to help regulate their feelings! It has been very exciting to watch them learn new ways to help our friends out when they might be having a rough day.

While learning about emotions, our buds have got a few useful re-centering  tools such as breathing techniques, “How would you feel if..” scenarios, and our very popular feelings color wheel! We spent some time labeling our emotions, recognizing the causes for our emotions, and healthy ways to express ourselves and regulate feelings!

As we learned more about emotions  the class had some great questions for us to dig deeper into. Such as “ what does it mean to feel meh?” “How can we help make someone feel better?”. We took this opportunity to explore our questions as in the bud room we believe that curiosity is our greatest tool for learning! We learned about how others sometimes feel down or less fortunate and that’s why giving helps others feel better as well as ourselves!

We took some time to learn about what  acts of service means and donating items to kids who don’t have very much. Our buds have been very excited to give  back and serve their community. We have done several fun projects this month. Including Emotion flip  books, affirmation bracelets and stress balls!

For August, our focus will be shifting to learning about Building & Engineering– a very intriguing  topic for Buds. We love to know how things work and why! We will learn how to identify  different types of engineering (Construction engineering, Architectural etc. As well as how we can build things and create beautiful masterpieces with our imaginations. We will learn why these specific kinds of engineering are important and how they  better our world!

As we get closer to these little Buds moving on to be big Branchers, please keep in mind that they will not be able to move up until they are potty trained. Potty training is a journey for every child that they are at the helm of. Every child has their own time when they feel confident and ready to begin potty training and they may need some extra time. While we encourage and support them, potty training can be stressful on little ones when they are not yet ready. Please keep this in mind and know that growth will come and it will come when the child is ready. Feel free to come talk if you have any questions or concerns on this matter. 

“Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires and a touch that never hurts.”

-Charles Dickens

All of the love, Miss Madeline, Miss Jillian, and Miss Sidney

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