Hello, Bud families!
February flew by in a blur, and we are excited to
welcome in March! February came with a lot of
learning and growth.
Our focus in February was on our bodies, and
what a great age for learning what makes us who
we are!
We spent a week learning about different body
parts and labeling each of those features. Next,
we spent a week on nutrition and discussed how
all the different foods we eat have different
benefits and can give us some nifty superpowers
like a strong memory or the ability to see better
in the dark! We then spent a week learning about
exercise and all the fun new ways to move,
move, MOVE our bodies! Some classroom
favorites were having a dance party and doing
dinosaur yoga! In our final week, we took some
time to learn about our mental health and how
that is also something we can take care of! We
did this by learning about meditation and
breathing techniques and ending our week with a
mental health break.
Our Buds are going through so much growth and
development at this age; focusing on our bodies
helps them see their body as part of themselves
and something they can affect by how they
move, what they eat, and acknowledging their
emotions. With all their fine and gross motor
skills growing at this age, an awareness of their
own bodies helps them grow even faster!

We’ve had some concrete focuses this month
that we’ve highlighted, such as:
● Number recognition
● Pattern recognition
● Gross Motor skills
● Spelling our names
March will focus on dinosaurs and
paleontology! We cannot wait to see what we
discover – whether that’s dinosaurs, fossils, or a
million other things! Not to mention how much
the Buds love to dig in the dirt– natural
paleontologists, everyone!
We are so excited to introduce Miss Katie to our
classroom! You may have seen her around class,
but we’re happy to make a formal introduction.
Say a warm hello to her the next time you see
her! We are all incredibly excited to invite her
into our classroom. She has such a warm and
inviting nature; we think she’ll be an excellent
fit in the Bud classroom!
J. William Fulbright
All the love,
Miss Madeline, Miss Kate, and Miss Jillian!

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