Hello Bud Families!

We were delighted to see our Bud families during our conferences last month! It was a lot of work getting those observations together, but we genuinely enjoy being able to share what your children are doing and saying in the Bud room. They grow and learn by exploring and expressing themselves. 

Our Buds seemed to have really enjoyed using their creativity and imaginations as we dove into our art study this month! We started by learning how mixing specific colors together can create new ones and recognizing different textures and the unique patterns they leave behind! We explored all of the various forms of art, such as painting, collage, mobile art, and even music! 

The most essential part of creating an art piece is the freedom to explore and create.We experimented with many different ways to make and create with unique tools! (ice, pom poms, and even bubbles) Our art study began with channeling our inner “Eric Carle” and creating collage art. We broke it down into three projects. We painted with different colors on day one, using sponges as our painting tool.  On day two, our Buds had a blast tearing and cutting up their paper to prepare for our third and final day of gluing, pasting, and completing our collage masterpiece! This has allowed us to strengthen Bud’s cognitive and fine motor skills. We loved seeing them grow in their problem-solving skills and recognizing how specific tools can elevate a painting!

We turned to books for inspiration. “The Dot” by Peter Reynolds encouraged the Buds to create their own “Dot” painting using their fingers! Another exciting book was “Mix it Up” by Herve Tullet. This book taught them the magic of mixing colors. They had a blast making their “Magic!”

In May, we will shift gears and focus on Science! We are eager to see your Bud’s scientific side and encourage them to ask “Why?” when searching for answers.


  • We are closed Monday, May 27th to observe Memorial Day.
  • If you have not taken your snow clothing home, please do so. They should be on the bottom of your child’s cubby.

Thank you all for your love and support! We are so grateful to teach and learn from your children. 

All of our love and appreciation, 

Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Sidney, and Ms. Maci 

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