Hello, Bud families!

February flew by in a blur, and we are excited to welcome in March! February came with much learning and growth about the foods we eat and how to keep our bodies healthy and growing. 

We talked about foods that help us grow, what a healthy food choice is, how we come in different shapes and sizes, and giving our bodies exercise. We measured each of us with yarn and displayed it to look at and compare. We will keep these pieces of yarn and, at the end of the year, see our growth as Buds!! We also talked about parts of our body such as our hearts, what happens when we exercise, and how food gets pushed down into our stomachs and eventually becomes “potty work.” These same foods help us gain a strong memory, the ability to see better in the dark, and even help our teeth! 

We spent much time learning about exercise and all the fun new ways to move, move, MOVE our bodies! Some classroom favorites were having a dance party in the dark with our light show machine reflecting on the ceiling and doing dinosaur yoga to calm our bodies. 

Our Buds are going through so much growth and development at this age; focusing on our bodies helps them see their body as part of themselves and something they can affect by how they move, what they eat, and acknowledging their emotions. With all their fine and gross motor skills growing at this age, an awareness of their bodies helps them grow even faster!

We have had great fun strengthening our memories with ‘what is missing’ games, number and pattern recognition, gross motor skills ‘both inside and outside,’ and spelling our names aloud.

We also had a fabulous Valentine’s Day celebration. Thank you, parents, for helping create the fun and excitement. We appreciate you all!

In March, we will study dinosaurs and paleontology! We cannot wait to see what we discover – whether that’s dinosaurs, fossils, or a million other things! Not to mention how much the Buds love to dig in the dirt– natural paleontologists, everyone! 

Children have always learned and created places for themselves through  play

Best Wishes Always,

Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Sidney, and Ms. Maci

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