Dear Bud Families,

Hello February! We are already two months into the year; can you believe it? January was filled with exploration– not just of the Arctic but of each child’s independence. We have seen such growth coming from each of the children in our classroom. Whether it has been taking charge of their Potty work, learning to put on their snowsuits, expressing their emotions, or one of the most incredible things we have seen happening in our classroom– empathy for our classmates. We have seen so many instances of them recognizing their feelings as well as the feelings of their classmates.

Some highlights of our Arctic Exploration month have been experimenting with different types of utensils for painting, such as ice cubes, cotton balls, forks, etc! We also dove into learning about animals in the Arctic, both big and small, and what life might look like for them. We have explored through videos how they move and the sounds they make.

In February, our curriculum will focus on the body, exercise, and the foods we eat, along with learning about ourselves and our families! Being more open-minded about how families can look different and have different likes and dislikes. The Buds will also know how the things they do and eat affect their bodies! Those yucky green beans at lunchtime? Well, they have the power to strengthen our bones! And all that good sleep we get during naptime? It helps our brain work even faster. We are so excited to learn how taking care of our bodies can help us grow stronger and wiser! 

Some focuses that we are working on in February include:

  • Learning about our classmates and ourselves!
  • Cause and Effect 
  • Fine Motor Skills 
  • Large Motor Movements

The Buds have enjoyed the snowy days that we have had so far this year. We spend two or three times outside playing each day. We are out in the morning before lunch for about an hour, after snack for thirty minutes, and then again towards the end of the day. We know the kids love exploring outdoors, so we would like to thank you all for helping us stay warm and hopefully dry by having all of our snow gear at school. Hurray for adventurous days full of learning! 

If your child does have soiled clothing, either from Potty accidents or messy play, they will be put in a green baggie and placed in their cubby to be sent home. We ask that you please replace the items that are sent home.

We would appreciate it if you continued to label all items sent to school. Items tend to get placed in the wrong cubbies as these Buds learn ownership! As their teachers, we work hard to ensure everything goes home with the right family. 

Valentine Day: Card Exchange See Growing Tree Newsletter for more information

Closed: Monday, February 19th, Presidents Day, Growing Tree Closed

Thank you all for a wonderful January! We’re looking forward to another wonderful month. 

All our love, Miss Sidney, Miss Maci, Miss Stephanie

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