Hello, Bud Families!
April is already upon us and we are grateful for
the warm weather and warm spirits! Just like the
flowers that are blooming, so are our own little
March’s focus was on dinosaurs, and what a fun
and fascinating month of learning it was! We
took a research approach this month and started
off by posing questions that the children wanted
to learn about dinosaurs. They wanted to know
how big dinosaurs were (especially compared to
us), how and why did they roar, what and how
they ate, and how they stomped!
We started our research by learning about
different dinosaurs and identifying them by their
distinctive characteristics. We talked about what
fossils were and made our very own so that we
could go on dinosaurs digs ourselves! This way
were ready to really dive into our questions.
We then spent a week on our first question: How
big were dinosaurs? We compared the sizes of
different kinds of dinosaurs and even used our
own feet to compare to that of a triceratops! We
spent the next week with a focus of how
dinosaurs roar and learned about what they may
have sounded like and what creatures are most
like dinosaurs now! We then took a week to
learn about carnivores, herbivores, and
omnivores and did an experiment with making our own dinosaur stomachs to practice how
scientists think dinosaurs may have eaten!
Along with our dinosaur focus, we have seen
some real leaps in learning in our classroom this
past month! Some highlights that we have seen
have been:
● Color and number recognition
● Emotional cognition and regulation
● Using our words to express our
We are excited for April as our focus will be on
Art and Artists– and we already have quite a few
little artists in our classroom. Art is one of the
greatest tools for learning and self discovery and
we cannot wait to delve into this new topic!
If you bring in any new items or clothes, please
make sure to mark them with your child’s name
so that we can make sure they get home to the
right place! Learning independence can been a
messy process and this will help us keep things
organized as these brilliant Buds learn how to be
their most independent selves!

“I think, at a child’s birth, if a mother
could ask a fairy godmother to endow
it with the most useful gift, that gift
would be curiosity.” – Eleanor

All of the love, Miss Madeline, Miss Katie, and
Miss Jillian

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