Seedling Families

The Seedlings enjoyed the warm weather last month and going outside and playing. We took the walkers out, and our littles enjoyed pushing them across the play yard, playing with the balls, climbing on the red stairs, and watching the bubbles and cars go by. A few of them even got to eat outside. We hope more warm days come sooner rather than later. 

We have our first walker! Wynter took off walking at home, and after a few days, she finally showed us her skills. Her confidence is growing, and she is increasing her distance. She also celebrated her first birthday on St Patrick’s Day, and Blake celebrated her Birthday on the 29th. Happy Birthday!

Blake, Declan, and Cadence have all been caught standing independently. They look steadier daily, and it won’t be long before Wynter has a walking buddy. 

We have started offering sippy cups of water with meals and in between. They will often crawl into the kitchen area to ask for water. We are working with them on signing water; more is all done. Please and thank you. If you want to know the signs, just ask Jo or Devi, and you can work on them at home too. 

Grady has been pulling himself up to his feet and loves standing and playing at the cube. He also climbs up the padded stairs to slide down the slide on his belly.

Jaxon is a commando on the go, crawling around the class and even exploring the yard outside. He always wants to be in the middle of the action, and now he can get there instead of watching from across the room. 

Cadence finally learned how to get back down from the top of the climbing mats, not the way we tried to teach her but in her way and it’s working for her. Now she is up and down all day and even discovers the red stairs outside. 

Declan is an independent little dude who likes his space to play. Having the whole playground to explore and play was exciting and relaxing for him. 

Violet has tried the push toys but has decided that, for now, the little chairs are more her size and speed. She also practices getting in, sitting down, and returning to the table. She tries so hard to keep up with her bigger friends. 

Sydney sits independently to play and enjoys seeing herself in the mirror and playing with the spinners. She is always so happy to see her friends when they crawl by or stop to give her a toy and a smile.

Spending the first day of spring outside in the sun, making bunny plaques, and walking barefoot in the yard excited us all about what’s to come. If you want to leave a jacket at school, we will continue to get them out as much as possible, weather permitting. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at conferences this month and talking about your amazing little ones.

Have a wonderful month.

Miss Jolene & Miss Devi

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