Dear Families, 

Our study for the month of June was “Light”. The Sprouts had so much fun learning and testing out this theme. Inside star gazing before  naptime was a favorite and made a peaceful transition to sleep. We did some coloring with flashlights and read books with flashlights while the classroom lights were off and of course made sure to wear sunglasses while outside to protect our eyes. 

The Sprouts always love to dance and this month we had dance parties in the dark with our special lamps and glow sticks!

Addison enjoyed The Very Lonely Firefly book  we read at Circle Time. She loved counting the blinking fireflies everyday at the end of the story. 

Bodi became very aware of the moon this month. He would find it outside in the morning and noticed how it would look different at times. 

Cannon was so interested in finding his shadow while inside with a flashlight and helped his friends find theirs while outside. 

Millie loved dancing with the night lights on. Her favorite songs to dance to were Silly Millie and Cannonball!

Olive looked fabulous while wearing her sunglasses and would keep them on while engaged in her outside activities!

Tate really enjoyed reading our Black Rabbit book this month. He was so involved in the story each time we read it!

Taylor became very inventive with the flashlights this month. She would inspect the toys and some of her friends with them and thought it was funny to chase the light around the classroom. 

Wesley constructed so many amazing structures with the magnetic tiles while using the light table. He even color coded some of them!

Next month’s study will be on Rocks, Sand and Water. We will be exploring water and sand play as well as doing water color and rock painting. 


  • I Found a Rock
  • Water


  • Row, Row, Row Your boat
  • The Sandcastle

Some great investigative questions for next month:

  • What is a rock? 
  • What do we do with water?
  • Where do we find sand?


  • Don’t forget a jacket or a sweater for the mornings!
  • Please bring in some extra clothes if needed. As it keeps getting warmer we will be doing more water play!

                Stay Safe and Enjoy the 4th of July!

            Ms. Kelcy and Ms. Tracy     

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