Seedling Families

We hope everyone loves their little ones’ “love bird” prints. They love getting their feet tickled with the paint brushes, and when they see their friends getting it done, they crawl over to wait their turn to get tickles, too. Some even try to request a second round. No worries, though. We have a fun new spring project in mind for this month to keep the giggles coming.

A few of our older friends are experiencing eating at the table, using a sippy cup and a plate. When it’s going well, we even introduce table manners. They enjoy being able to see their friends while eating.

With their increased interest in books, we have started having mini circle times with everyone gathering for a few books and songs. Brown Bear is their favorite book for reading, and Gecko’s Rainbow is their favorite book for eating. We are working on learning that books are for reading, not for eating. Our welcome song is still their favorite, but O’McDonald is a close second.

Many have also learned to play peek-a-boo using washcloths, sleep sacks, books, and empty baskets. Once we start with one of them, a couple of others will always look for something they can use to join in the fun, too. They will also play peek-a-boo with each other around and through the bookshelves. They also like making things disappear through the holes in the backs of the chairs and then finding them again on the other side. Some have also taken an interest in playing catch and toss with the different balls we have. 

  • Jordan has enjoyed playing outside in the snow with the Big Seeds and will join their class in March. We will miss his smiles and dimples. 
  • Cadence has pushed up onto her hands and knees to crawl and is pulling up to a standing position on everything.
  • Grady has started commando crawling and even gets up on his knees to rock back and forth.
  • Jaxon is all about the baskets, putting things in, taking them out, using them for a drum, and even putting them on his head for a hat or a game of peek-a-boo.
  • We got a push toy out for the class, and Jordan, Declan, and Wynter have enjoyed pushing it around the class and working on their walking skills and balance. We wouldn’t be surprised if someone took their first steps soon. 
  • Blake has taken a liking to finger foods and is happy to trade in her green purees for pancakes, burritos, and chili and even enjoys the green beans when they aren’t pureed. 
  • Sydney has gotten steady sitting in the “u” cushion and can even sit independently for short periods. She loves seeing herself in the mirror and spinning the spinners. 
  • Violet is getting up on her feet. She has discovered shoes and shoelaces. Beware if you are wearing sneakers, and stop moving for too long. Violet will untie your laces. 

We hope everyone has a great month!

Miss Jolene and Miss Devi

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