Seedling Families,

We hope all our Moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day and enjoyed the beautiful weather and their little ones’ butterflies. This month, we shift our attention to Dads. Last week, we brought out a new book, “Your Babies First Word Will Be Dada,” and it immediately became a favorite. We know most of our littles already mastered Mama, so we thought we’d work on Dada. With repetition and persistence, a few of our babies have already learned bok, bok, bok (the chicken). We will keep working on Dada.

Adding to our list of walkers, Blake didn’t want to be left behind and started walking like she’d been doing it secretly for a while. Declan has also taken a few steps here and there but still prefers the speed he can get while pushing one of the push toys.

Jaxon is getting on his feet and can even pull himself onto the top of the frog slide. He still hasn’t mastered pushing back to a sit so when he gets to the top he stretches out his arms and slides on down.

Grady is interested in the push toys and is working on figuring out how they work and coordinating his steps. He has been sidestepping along the toy shelves and really wants to walk.

Cadence is a confident walker and one year old now! She has been trying to walk up and down the red steps outside without assistance. She is fearless and wants to stand on top of everything. 

If you noticed what looks like a new kid in the classroom, Declan got his helmet off and looks like a different kiddo! Declan loves the little playhouse outside. He opens and closes the door, playing doorman and letting friends in and out. Peek-a-boo in the windows is also a lot of fun.

Violet has learned to avoid disputes with the doorman about entry to the playhouse and sneak in through the hole in the back wall. She is a problem solver who also enjoys peek-a-boo.

Sydney has started scooting herself forward across the floor to get to toys, even getting her knees under her hips and rocking back and forth. She has been sampling the big seed food but still prefers her purees for now.

Wynter is an independent explorer who goes out in the play yard and finds all kinds of sticks, leaves, bark, and other treasures to bring back and show us. 

Blake is still a big fan of books and has learned that reading them is more enjoyable than eating them. She will flip through the pages quietly on her own or bring one to a teacher for a snuggle and read aloud.

Thank you to all our parents for participating and contributing to Teacher Appreciation Week. It was fun to see our little ones come dressed for the theme (even if it didn’t last). We feel fortunate to have such amazing parents and kids in our group.

We hope everyone has a great month and our Dad’s have an amazing Father’s Day!

Miss Jo and Miss Devi

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