Dear Big Seed Families,

Ms. Rebecca joined our classroom again this month. She is back from maternity leave and is so excited to see some familiar faces in Big Seeds.Welcome back, Ms. Rebecca! Our teachers now have the following schedules:

Stephanie: 7:30 AM- 1:30 PM

Rebecca: 8:30 AM- 5:30 PM

Sarah: 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM 

In June, the Big Seeds were immersed with various “Fun with the Fish” activities, types of fish, and underwater life. We read several stories about fish, sang fish songs, and participated in several “fish” creations.  

Summertime! At this time of year, we begin preparing our Big Seeds to move up to the Sprout room in September. Our children will get the opportunity to visit the Sprouts rooms occasionally to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible this Fall. The Big Seeds will practice drinking from cups and using spoons, and will begin to clean up after themselves to prepare them for their next classes. The Big Seeds have made great progress drinking from cups and using their spoons at mealtimes. These are exciting steps for everyone! 

June Highlights:

Rowan has been practicing a lot of gross motor skills, such as climbing, running, and jumping. He often gives rides to his friends by pushing them around the playground in a toy car. Rowan has also been very excited to engage with the Seedlings next door, and will often wave and greet them with a “Hi, baby!”.

Avery’s vocabulary is growing rapidly with new words added every day! Avery will repeat color names, her favorites being purple and yellow. Avery is also quite fond of books and will point out which animals and fish she recognizes in the stories. Avery has grown very fond of the Seedlings next door and has been practicing being sweet with them by demonstrating gentle touches. 

Otto has been keeping us on our toes with his adventurous spirit. Otto has enjoyed climbing and racing around the yard with his peers. He has also enjoyed socializing and can often be found doing an activity with another friend.Otto has been enjoying peeling and placing stickers.  

Henry moved up from the Seedlings to join our classroom this month. Henry has enjoyed exploring new toys, climbing structures, and meeting new friends in the Big Seeds room. Henry has adapted to new routines quickly, such as washing hands before and after meals. 

Archer has been working hard learning how to push the car up the track, climb onto it, and ride down the track independently. We often see Archer riding cars outside with a big grin on his face. Archer has also been very interested in books of all kinds, but especially the books about dinosaurs and sharks. Archer will excitedly “growl” when asked what sound a dinosaur makes. 

Finn is coming out of his shell more and more each day. Finn enjoys playing with the “kitchen” toys and is developing fine motor skills by pulling apart the toy food items that attach with velcro. Finn is also practicing pushing the car up the track and climbing onto it independently. Finn loves

watching the cars and trucks zoom by our playground and will exclaim “Ooooh!” and point when he sees one. 

Julia spends most of her time outside digging and rocking in the toy boat. Julia has enjoyed exploring the various types of toy fish we’ve had in the classroom. Every day, Julia is getting closer and closer to walking independently. It has been exciting seeing the progress she has made! 

Riley is showing us she is ready to be a Sprout by drinking from a cup independently and by visiting the Sprouts room. Riley is adding new words to her vocabulary every day, matching colors, and demonstrating her animal sounds. Riley enjoys riding in a toy car outside, especially when friends push her around in it. 

Changes: Riley will be officially moving up to Sprouts on July 3rd and we will have Sophie entering the Big Seeds in her place! We are so excited for both of them to begin their transitions to their new class. 

Next Month: We are going to begin our study on Dinosaurs. We think this group will particularly enjoy STOMPING and ROARING through the month. 


-There is no school on July 4th! 

-Our annual summer BBQ is coming up on July 26th. We would LOVE to see you all there. 

-Please make sure your child has weather appropriate spare clothes for Summertime. 

Have a safe and happy 4th of July! 

Stephanie Rebecca, and Sarah

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