Dear Seedling Families,

We hope all our moms had an amazing Mother’s Day and enjoyed their child’s butterflies. They always love getting their feet painted and all the naked belly tickles that go with it. We can’t wait for you to see what we have planned for our special Dads. 

Henry is moving on to new things next door with the Big Seeds on the 6th. We know he will get plenty of hugs out in the play yard. 

Baby Bennett will join us in the Seedling this month while his mom Rebecca rejoins the Big Seed class as a teacher. We look forward to having Rebecca back and getting to know Bennett. 

Sophie has taken off walking. She has gained a lot of confidence this last month and is working hard to keep up with Henry. She will be joining him in the Big Seeds in July. 

Penny is pulling up to a stand and cruising around the furniture. She loves when a teacher holds her hands to help her walk around the class or outside.

Brody keeps cruising through his milestones and is pulling up to stand (he even figured out how to get back down) and is starting to sidestep along the toy shelves. He just wants to do what the big kids do. Now if only those two bottom teeth would push through.

Bode is up on his hands and knees and crawling around the class and the play yard. He heads for the dirt every chance he gets to dig and explore. 

Norah is sitting independently, rolling to get where she wants, and even scooting backward. She 

looks ready to crawl any day. She has tried a few finger foods and is interested in the idea of self-feeding. 

Owen has been working hard chewing on 

everything. His two bottom teeth have made his smiles even cuter and now he is working on the top ones. 

Mary has started solids and is all about feeding herself. If you offer her a spoonful of food she will refuse until you give her the spoon. She then puts 

the spoon in her mouth to feed herself. She is very independent and knows what she wants. 

Alice and Savannah are working on sitting with support and really enjoy sitting between our legs to read books or in the “U” cushion playing with the spinners on the mirror or just chatting with their reflections. 

The Seedlings are all about spending as much time as we can outside enjoying the warm mild weather before it gets too hot (and smokey 😣). The little ones get excited watching the bubbles and petals float in the breeze as well as enjoying all the cars, dogs, and people that go by, especially when they wave and tell them all how cute they are. Our big friends have enjoyed digging in the dirt, climbing 

up and down the ramps and have even got to participate in some water play

 with the Big Seeds. 

We hope everyone has a great month!

Miss Jolene and Miss Devi

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