Dear Seedling Families,
Snow, snow, go away, Seedlings want to go out and
play! With everyone getting so big and learning to
move around we can’t wait to be able to let the little
guys out to stretch their legs and explore in the yard.
Please remember to bring a jacket for your child and
weather permitting we will start trying to get the
bigger friends out for some fresh air and a change of
We will be celebrating 3 Birthdays this month!
Henry will be 1 on April 15, Sophie on the 19th, and
Penny on the 21st. Happy Birthday, friends! The
three of them play peek-a-boo, and chase and enjoy
sharing and looking at books together.
Henry took off walking last month and loves his
newfound mobility. He is also learning to use signs
like ‘all done’ and ‘more’.
Sophie is back from vacation and has settled right
back in. Henry and Penny were excited to see her
and have her join them at the little table for meals.
She is crawling, pulling to a stand working on her
Penny is scooting on her bottom to get where she
wants to go and keep up with her friends. She is
pulling up onto her knees and trying to stand.
Brody is an independent sitter now and he and Bode
have both started pulling their legs up under their
hips and trying to push forward when on their
tummies. They have also started eating solids and
have enjoyed exploring all the different tastes and

Norah has mastered rolling over and spends more
time playing on her tummy. She is also sitting with
support and has learned to spin the spinners on the
Owen has embraced tummy time and is actually
enjoying being on his tummy now. He rolls both
directions, reaches for toys and pushes himself up to
look around. He has started purees and enjoys sitting
up in the high chair.
Mary is close to rolling from her back to her belly
and has become very social with her caregivers and
peers cooing and talking to anyone who will talk
back. She even tried out the jumper and enjoyed
being on her feet and looking out the window.
Alice and Savannah have been increasingly more
alert and interactive. They watch their friends play,
reach up and grasp toys in their gyms, and push up
on their arms during tummy time to lift their heads
and chest off the pillow and look around or watch
themselves in the mirror. As usual they are always
full of smiles.
It is very helpful to us to get those morning messages
about when they ate and woke up last. It helps us
predict and prepare for what they will be needing
next, especially if their morning has been different
than usual. Please keep those messages coming.
We hope everyone has a great month!
Looking forward to our conferences on April 14th.
Miss Jolene, Miss Devi, and Miss Stephanie

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