Dear Seedling Families,

We have had a great time getting to know all our new friends this past month and helping everyone get settled. They have all done an amazing job adjusting to new caregivers, new environments and new routines and schedules. Our parents have been awesome too. Keep those morning messages coming as it really helps us make a smooth home to school transition when we can predict what they will need next and it makes the rest of the day go smoother as well. Thank you!

Blake joined us a little sooner than the rest of her friends and is happy to no longer be the only little in the room. She is curious about her friends, sitting with support and has really found her voice this month. We love listening to her chatter all day.

Wynter is anxious to get moving and has started to roll around the class to get where she wants to be. We appreciate her patient, easy going nature but her hugs are definitely our favorite thing.

Jordan loves being in the jumper where he can see everything going on in the class as well as outside the window. He is starting to sit for brief periods unassisted and his smile 

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