Hello, Bud Families!

Welcome to June and all the warm weather with it! Now is the time to see Buds blossom! 

We kicked off our study of science by learning the most important role of a scientist– to ask questions. Curiosity comes from looking at the world and asking “how”. Some questions the children asked were, “How do cars work?”, “Why does glue stick to paper?”, and (a personal favorite) “Why is ice cream?” 

With our ability to ask and question things, we then practiced the scientific method! The class chose different experiments to work on and we practiced making guesses on what we thought was going to happen. We then met as a class at circle time to discuss all of our ideas and why we thought that. Next came the most fun part– the experiments! We tested our guesses and met back up as a group to discuss what we got right and what was not what we expected. 

These experiments ranged from seizing a perfectly wonderful rainy day to answer a child’s question about how clouds work, to a classroom favorite of experimenting with slime! We discovered science in all different ways– from the colors we have been learning all through the year, to seeing if we can make soda explode! 

Each child had wonderful and creative guesses, and each new experiment showed us how the format of the scientific method can be expressed in so many different ways. What is most important about science is learning to be creative about the world around us. 

We also took a few days to focus on the different studies of science, and practiced being scientists in those fields! We took a day to learn about astronomy and look at the stars. We learned about how stars are formed, saw the beautiful ways they light up the galaxy, and counted the stars on our very own classroom ceiling. 

We also took a day to play zoologist! There are so many animal lovers in the classroom, and learning about taking care of these animals was a wonderful experience. We learned about what a zoologist does, how they study and care for animals, and all of the benefits that have come from this field of study. 

Along with the study-focus learning, there has been such advancement in other skills throughout the classroom. Independence is at an all-time high, and we have seen the conversation skills and linguistic abilities bloom throughout the students! This is such an age of growth and change, it is wonderful to see how much your little one can truly blossom overnight. 

In June we will take all the scientific learning and apply it to learning about the lifecycles of frogs and butterflies! We cannot wait!

All of the love, 

Miss Madeline, Ms Sidney, and Miss Jillian

Special thank you to Ms Maryanne for stepping in our classroom while Jillian has been away.

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