Dear Big Seed Families,

We had many warm May days and boy has it been wonderful being able to spend more time outside to play!  

May Highlights:

Archer has really learned to move. When using his large motor skills he seems to always be in a running motion! He loves to chase his classmates and touch every toy we bring out to the playground.   

Avery gained twin brothers!! How exciting for their family. She is really attached to the baby dolls in our classroom. She likes to sit with the baby next to a teacher and point to all of the baby’s different body parts, such as eyes, nose, hands, and feet. She will be a fabulous “Big Sister!”  

Beckett is really learning his voice. When he needs something he will carry on a whole conversation all about it. We might not understand all of his words but we do our best to keep the conversations going.

Finn is so close to showing his teachers that he can walk. I think he is keeping the suspense strong here at Growing Tree as we hear he is doing it more at home. We are looking forward to being surprised really soon once he takes those steps for us! 

Julia is full of smiles and giggles 🙂. She continues to work hard on her mobility as she is always found climbing in and out of the red boat on the playground. She is also really beginning to work on her communication skills. She definitely keeps us smiling.

Otto is so observant… If there is something new, or exciting in the classroom, down the hallway, or even outside he is the first to notice it and point it out to the teachers. He has also found his love for climbing the wooden triangle in the classroom. He will straddle the top and make a sound for the teacher to recognize his accomplishment!

Rowan has worked hard at forming relationships in the classroom. He is busy and loves when his classmates follow or chase him while outside. He is learning Gentleness as he tries to take care of the Little Seeds when we are all on the playground together. 

Riley Made her way to the Sprout One room on June 1st! She is so ready for her next adventure. We will miss her for sure but we know she will love every moment of the new big playground to use her climbing skills!

Henry is now a Big Seed! He is not new to the Big Seed room as he has explored our room often before now. Welcome to full-time Henry! 


Rainbow Fish

Ten Friendly Fish

Never Feed a Shark 


Baby Shark

Slippery Fias

Baby Beluga 


  • Happy Father’s Day to all of our Growing Tree dads!!
  • Please check your child’s cubby box under changing stations to be sure we have extra clothing that is weather appropriate and still fit.

Happy June, 

Ms. Stephanie & Ms. Hayley

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