Dear Seedling Families,

Wow! January’s weather was wild. Thank you for your patience and early pick-ups when needed. We appreciate it. 

Our little ones have been busy inside while the weather has been wild outside. Everyone is on the move somehow; even our new friend Sidney wasted no time learning to roll over after just a few days at Growing Tree. 

We have packed away the baby gyms, brought out the climbing mats, and opened up some floor space so everyone has plenty of room to roll, crawl, cruise, and have safe places to pull up and practice climbing. 


  • Jordan is self-feeding big kids food and drinking formula and water in a sippy cup. He has even joined the big seeds at the table for a snack a few times. He has started to sidestep walk along the bookshelves and around the jumper and has even let go and balanced independently for a few seconds. 
  • Wynter is getting more comfortable with various foods and textures and is learning to use a sippy cup. She is also gaining confidence and working on her balance when she stands. 
  • Blake has decided she prefers solid food to most purees, especially Cheerios, and is happy to sit and munch independently. She is commando crawling around the classroom, pulling up to her knees to play, and pushing back to a sitting position.
  • Declan spends as much time as he can standing and playing at the window, the side of the jumper, the shelves, and all the mats. He has also discovered all the knobs and latches on the cupboards and drawers. He has four teeth now and is starting to get on his hands and knees and rock back and forth, trying to crawl. He lunges forward an inch or two at a time.
  • Jaxon still prefers the rolling method and will roll, rotate to change direction, and roll some more to get to where he wants to be. He moves surprisingly fast from one side of the room to the other. 
  • Cadence is commando crawling and is happy to be on the move. She follows her teachers around the class, and every time we turn around, she greets us with a smile. She is getting on her hands and knees and can push back to a sitting position but is still figuring out how to coordinate her hands and knees to move forward. 
  • Violet is as busy as ever, commando crawling around the class and checking in on her friends. She loves to crawl into the shelves and hang out. She enjoys trying new flavors of purees and is very interested in the big kid’s food scraps on the floor. It might be time for finger foods soon. 
  • Sydney has been a great addition to our room and is ready to keep up with the big kids. After two days, she started rolling over from her back to her belly and began to sit with support. She is very social and smiles at all her new friends.

We will make some fun Valentine’s surprises this month and look forward to the giggles it will surely bring. We are sure you will love the results!

We hope everyone has a “lovely” month!

Miss Jo and Miss Devi

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