Dear Sprout Families,

In May, the Sprouts did a great job exploring Clothing. During Circle, we discussed different types of clothing, what they are for, how to care for them, and why we wear specific clothing due to weather or jobs. We sang the song  What Color Am I Wearing using each child’s name in the song to describe what they were wearing each day and brought awareness to what they and others wore regularly. 

Our artwork consisted of colorful pajamas and shirts that they could decorate the way they liked. Of course, we made a shirt to match everyone’s favorite character, Pete, from Pete the Cat’s 4 Groovy Buttons story.

The Sprouts also played games where they matched socks of different colors and even traced their shoes. Watching the Sprouts compare shoes with their friends and try them on was so fun! They also practiced putting on and taking off coats, hats, shoes, and socks. These were great skills to practice for the Bud room.

Monthly Highlights:

  • Avery loved sharing her different-colored socks with us daily. Her pink pair with hearts was a class favorite.
  • During art time, Elia enjoyed peeling the button stickers and placing them onto her paper! 
  • Finn used the paint sticks to create awesome marks on his paper shirt. Then we hung it up on our clothing line on the closet door! 
  • Henry has mastered the coat trick but is now all about attempting to zip it up alone!
  • McKenna did a great job taking her shoes and socks off. She also liked putting them back on by herself! 
  • Otto played dress-up every day. He liked sporting all the different winter mittens and hats, but his first choice was the green mittens!
  • Sophie liked the busy board activity. She worked on unbuckling straps and velcro pieces!
  •  Using all her fine motor skills! 
  • Wilder was a big fan of Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons. He knew all the words by heart! 

Our study for June will be all about Lights.  

We plan to discuss and discover anything that gives off light. The Sun, Moon, and Stars will be fun to learn about and other objects that project more interactive light, like flashlights, traffic lights, glow sticks, and night lights. 

Some investigative questions we will be asking and testing are:

  • What makes Light?
  • How do we use Light?
  • How do we turn lights on and off?


  • Where is the Sun?
  • My Shadow
  • Lights On, Lights Off
  • Black Rabbit


  • This Little Light of Mine
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Mr. Sin

Thank you for an amazing and fun Teacher Appreciation Week! We appreciate our GT families! 

Ms. Kelcy & Ms. Yesenia 

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