Happy July, Bud Families!

June was over as quickly as the butterfly life cycle! 

This month’s study focused on “Life Cycles,” specifically the Lifecycles of Butterflies and Frogs. Both went through a fascinating metamorphosis process for your Buds to watch.

The butterfly lifecycle has four stages: Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis, and Adult.

We received caterpillars that ate and ate. We measured them every few days and soon noticed they were changing shape, resembling the letter “J.” They were now fully grown and turning into a Chrysalis where it would transform itself. It was now time to move them into their butterfly enclosure. The Chrysalis attached themselves to the enclosure, and we hung the enclosure from the ceiling to not disrupt their development so the entire classroom could enjoy watching the magic happen. Once fully transformed, it broke out of the Chrysalis and became a beautiful butterfly!

Releasing the butterflies was quite fun. The joy and engagement of our Buds in the learning process, especially during the butterfly release, was truly inspiring, and we hope it makes you proud as parents. 

Like beautiful butterflies, frogs undergo an astonishing transformationalso. Beginning with jelly-like eggs laid in water, they grow into wriggling tadpoles and finally grow legs suitable for land!

We added tadpoles to our aquarium. The tadpoles quickly turned into froglets as they began sprouting legs and arms resembling a frog. The last transformation was losing their tail and becoming a full-fledged frog. Through this transformation, the  Buds became fascinated by all the different colors and species of frogs! 

Life Cycle Activities:

  • Five Little Speckled Frog Song
  • Fed alphabet flies to the frog
  • Frog and Butterfly Art
  • Explored frog eggs (water beads)

July will find us focusing on Community Helpers and the importance of their jobs in our community.

As we end our time together, we will support your Bud’s self-help skills to prepare them for success in the Branch room.


  • Potty work
  • Packing their nap bags on Fridays
  • Putting their cots away

They are already doing fantastic with the early expectations of these tasks, showing significant progress and growth!! 

We welcomed the Monaghan family, Lydia, Kelly, and Nolan, to the Bud room this month. We are enjoying Nolan in the classroom.


Happy 4th of July (reminder we are closed).

Whatever your plans, we hope it involves great food, wonderful company, and bright skies!

Best Wishes, Always,  

Ms Stephanie & Ms. Maci

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