Dear Sprout Families,

Summer has started off hot. The Sprouts have been able to do lots of water activities outside. They all enjoy drawing pictures on the sidewalk with water and paintbrushes. They have made some beautiful art. 

In June we had fun with Paper. It was so much fun ripping the paper to make a pictures. They all looked at us like, is this okay to rip it. At circle time we read books about different things you can do with paper. Here are the books we enjoyed this month:

  • Stars by Mary Lyn Ray and Marla Frazee
  • The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb
  • A Little Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers
  • The Paper Kingdom by Helena Ku Rhee

This month’s favorite songs were Way Up High in the Apple Tree and Rock Paper Scissors. The Sprouts enjoy any songs that have hand motions. By the end of the month they sing the songs on their own and do the motions all by themselves. 

Art time we did lots of projects with paper. Some of the projects we made were ripping paper and making a picture, an apple tree, drawing different pictures on paper and coloring on different types of paper. In the classroom we played with tongs and paper in the sensory table. They would scoop up the paper and put it in a bowl. They all got really good at using the tongs. Some of them would use one hand and others had to use two hands to open and shut the tongs. 

Outside we took a big piece of white butcher paper and painted with watercolors. They had fun standing up and painting. They all smiled and laughed as they painted. It was a fun filled month learning all about paper and where it comes from. Here is a few fun things each Sprout enjoyed this month:

Beckett mastered coloring. He would say to us “I color just right.” 

Kruz liked it when he got to rip the paper. After he ripped all the paper said “I do lots.”

Julia sat at the table for a long time coloring brown logs on paper. When we would ask her if she was done, told us “No” and shook her head.

Levi has really been into building with the magnet cubes. He built a big building and said “It is big. Not a rocketship.” 

Penny liked looking at the paper page books we set out on the floor. She would carefully turn each page and say “Look. Look.” 

Riley also enjoyed reading the paper books. She sat next to Penny, said to her “Be careful. No rip” and then they both would turn the pages carefully. 

Archer liked coloring on the colored paper. He would color his picture and tell us “It a tiger.” 

Rowan had fun playing at the sensory table. He would scoop up the paper and put it in the bowl. When the bowl was full would say “It’s so full. No more.” 

It was a great month learning about . We all can’t wait to see what great adventures we will have next month.

At circle time we will be reading books about balls and all the different games you can play with them. We will also be reading about the beach and all the things we see there. The songs we will be singing will be about a ball game and a seashell on the beach. Art time there will be different balls we will be making and also all the things you can find on the beach.

In the classroom we will add some new balls to the room and have different size balls in the sensory bin. In the dress-up area we are going to have fun with things you find on the beach and fun equipment you can use with a ball. Outside we will throw, kick and catch the different size balls we have in our ball bucket. It’s going to be a fun filled month doing all the ball activities and learning about the beach. 

Here is a few reminders for the month:

  • Please make sure to check your Sprouts basket for weather appropriate extra clothes. Some of them have no extra clothes. 
  • Reminder we are closed July 4th

Thank you for all you do. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to come talk to us. Have a great July and a very Happy 4th. 

               Teresa, Jennifer and Nana Julie

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