Dear Sprout Families,

December was a study of Bags and Bows, and we learned so much! We talked about and demonstrated the different functions of different bags we use in our everyday lives. We wore bows in diverse ways on our bodies and in our artwork and found that there are unlimited functions for a bag! The Sprouts had no trouble using their imagination to create jobs for the bags and the bows we had in the classroom. 

We enjoyed reading all different kinds of books, and the classroom favorite was Little Blue Truck’s Christmas. The Sprouts did a great job decorating the classroom with their art and seasonal decorations. We also had a holiday duck hide and seek, and everybody was so excited to find where they were all hidden … except for the green one. We are still looking. 

Monthly Highlights:

Avery loved filling her bags with groceries from the store she visited regularly and then cooking for her friends in the Home Center. 

Elia’s favorite toy is the lion baby doll. She takes such good care of her, always ensuring she has a blanket and a pillow to stay comfortable and even a bow for her hair!

Finn enjoyed our Hide and Seek game with the ducks. Finn was the first to find them all in the classroom or anywhere in the center!

Henry is hands down the best dancer in the Sprout room! Every time we sang a song, he would show us his best moves and always followed up with a request for his favorite … Baby Shark!

Otto had a great time playing with the bags and discovering what items would fit in each one. He even found a bag he could fit inside!

Sophie loved playing with the backpacks! She would wear them around the classroom, keeping them stocked with her favorite toys just in case she needed them!

Taylor is known for her cute hair bows and did a great job dressing her friends with their bows! The best part was admiring her work in the mirror with her friends. 

Wilder got in the holiday spirit and did a fantastic job learning the words to our songs! He sang them all day and inspired others to join in with him.  

Our study for January will be “Ice Cold.” We will explore the ice and snow, discover animal tracks, and learn how to stay warm when it is cold. We need the weather to cooperate to make this study more effective. Keep your fingers crossed! 


  • Go Dog Snow Dog
  • I Am Small
  • 10 Little Penguins


  • 10 Snowflakes
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Suzy Snowflake

Thank you so much for the cards, gifts, and treats! We appreciate all of you so much and are looking forward to sharing the New Year with you!

              Ms. Kelcy and Ms. Tracy 

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