Hello Bud Families!

Welcome June… We are so looking forward to more warm weather, and now is the time to see our Buds blossom! 

May’s study was all things growth and science! We loved seeing our Buds develop their theories and continue asking questions such as “Why? Or “How do we make a flower change color?” Curiosity and exploration are vital to cognitive development. Our Buds learn the most when exploring their environment and trying new things.  

We broke the month down into three major subjects. Week one was all about the parts of a flower and what a flower will need to grow strong and healthy! This included our class sunflower plant, which our Buds all took part in caring for. The dedication and care they gave were incredible to see! As well as the excitement they felt witnessing their flower go through all its natural stages! We found out our Buds had a natural green thumb when they each had the chance to grow their zinnias and snapdragons!

Week two was all about testing different theories. We placed white roses in various watercolors, tested classroom objects in water to see if they would sink or float, and even made Elephant toothpaste! While the Buds enjoyed discovering if they were correct in their hypothesis, they also learned a lot about cause and effect along the way!

We wrapped up our study in weeks three and four by learning about the importance of bumblebees and the tree’s life cycle!

This last month’s growth and science study will help us immensely as we move on to our life cycle study in June! We look forward to watching our caterpillars munch on leaves, create cocoons, and enter their final stage of metamorphosis. We are also excited to welcome tadpoles into our classroom!  (if we can find them) Lots of responsibility and lots of wonder are to come!

Reminders and more information:

  • Please check your child’s clothing supply to be sure we have weather-appropriate clothing that still fits them.
  • Almost all of our Buds are using the toilet!! If your Bud is not, please help us by offering it at home as we are offering it here at school. Buds must have mastered potty training before entering the Branch room in the Fall. 

Thank you.

All of the love, 

Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Sidney, and Ms. Maci





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