Dear Seedling Families,

Thank you to our parents for all the generous, thoughtful gifts and kindness. You make us feel valued and appreciated through the Holidays and all year. It was great to see so many of our little ones sing-a-long for the holiday; they all did amazing! We feel lucky to have such a wonderful group of parents and babies.  

New year, new skills, and a new friend! This month, we welcome Sydney to the Seed room. Her big sister Bailey is in the Branch room. We are excited to get to know her and see more of her family.

After weeks of being stuck in reverse, Jordan is on his hands and knees and moving forward. He wasted no time crawling over to the shelves and pulling himself up to a standing position. He can also push himself back into a sitting position.

Wynter has started to crawl on her hands and knees for short distances but still prefers her faster commando crawl. She also enjoys drinking from her sippy cup.

Blake pulls herself across the floor to get to friends and toys. She likes to be where the action is and playing in the company of friends. She is warming up to eating solids but, so far, is not a fan of anything green. Orange is acceptable. 

Declan has been pulling himself onto his knees to play and working hard to get up. He has learned to pull himself up to stand in his crib when ready to get up, but the shelves are a little trickier. 

Jaxon decided to get busy and started rolling in both directions, sitting without support and pulling himself forward on his belly an inch at a time to get a toy just out of reach. 

Grady has been working on sitting and is getting steadier every day. He is all about the purees and hasn’t tried anything he doesn’t like yet. He has also become very vocal and has a lot to say. 

Violet is also on the move now, commando crawling to get new toys. She has started sampling some food and is a big fan of oatmeal. She is also working on her core strength and sitting with minimal support.

Cadence is sitting independently and starting to pull herself forward short distances on her tummy. She is moving on from purees and is starting to sample big food and drink from a sippy cup and even a small cup without a lid. 

We are impressed with this group’s curiosity, creativity, desire to explore, and patience. They will often sit for several minutes with a toy, turning it, touching the different parts, shaking, banging on different surfaces, and often tasting it. A friend will watch intently and patiently. When the toy is discarded for other explorations, the friend will pick it up and begin their investigations of different ways to use it. They are always so proud when they find new ways to use things (or open the fridge). 

We can’t wait to see what the New Year brings.

Happy New Year!

Miss Jolene & Miss Devi

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