Happy April, Big Seed families!!

This month, we welcomed Jordan into our classroom! He has transitioned well, and everyone is so calm and gentle with him. 

Our focus in March was colors. We learned about the colors of the rainbow and what we see in our daily lives that connect with colors. We used our senses by playing with playdough and dyed oats, both of which were big attractions! 

We read:

  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear
  • Ollies Easter Eggs
  • Red Truck

We are also working on learning the “coat trick” and getting our coats on and off all by ourselves! We are also working on staying on our cots before and after nap time and having a quiet and calm body! So far, everyone is doing a great job at this. 

April will find us at the Zoo with Lions, Tigers, and Big Seeds; OH MY!

Signs this month:

  • monkey
  • milk
  • thank you

Books we will read:

  • 1, 2, at the Zoo
  • Wild Numbers

Monthly Updates

  • Alice mimics the cadences and sounds that teachers and friends make and has started saying other friends’ names. 
  • Bode has been all about our sensory activities and loves getting messy in any way he can. His favorite thing has been putting shaving cream in his hair.
  • Brody has been loving making music and playing all the instruments in our classroom. He also loves having Jordan with us and showing him around. 
  • Jordan has been transitioning so well! He loves the warm weather outside and has figured out how to climb the stairs to the slide and sit by himself. He recently learned to scoot himself forward enough on the slide to go down alone, too.
  • Mary loved the water play during our few days of warmth! She also loves baby time. She is so gentle with our baby dolls; if she sees a friend not being kind to them, she will pick it up and hug it. 
  • Norah loves anything related to learning; she is getting good at stacking pegs onto the peg board and figuring out how to make it even taller when it falls over.
  • Owen Has figured out that he can climb on anything and everything; he loves the pickler climber in our room and all the climbing toys outside!
  • Savannah was all about the water play for a few days and loved dumping water into different containers to see what would happen.

Monthly reminder:

  • We are closed on April 12th for conferences, don’t forget to sign up
  • With all this warm weather, remember to bring a lighter jacket for our outside time.
  • Make sure your child has appropriate clothing here at school for the warmer weather as well

Enjoy your month, Maryanne, Maria, and Yesenia

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