Dear Sprout Families,

September has been such a busy month in the Sprout 2 room! Our new friends Avery, Sophie, Henry, Otto, and Finn have been doing a great job adjusting to their new surroundings and new friends. Bodi, Taylor, and Olive have been so welcoming and have been helping them learn all the new things. 

“Our School” was our September study. We spent the month making those important connections with your child so they feel safe and nurtured while in our care. We also became familiar with our classroom, safety, and routines, after all everything looks different for them even the books. Each Sprout  has their own cubby and they have enjoyed using them to store personal  items  as well as to put naptime items away all by themselves. The Sprouts drink out of open cups, use spoons, hang their coats on hooks and wash their hands independently. We also remember to “Clean up” by putting all of the toys away before attempting a new activity. Outside, the playground has been a whole new world. Everything is BIG! There are so many new experiences to be had and the Sprouts are ready to learn!

Encouraging and allowing time for the Sprouts to do as much for themselves as possible helps develop independence which in turn grows a positive sense of self. 

Monthly Highlights:

  • Otto has been truly enjoying the playground. He loves climbing the steps to go down the slide!
  • Sophie has been working on her crayon skills and enjoys coloring in shapes her teachers make.
  • Finn has been interested in the many puzzles we have in the classroom and has been working hard to solve them.
  • Henry loves books! He is always asking to be read to and pays such attention!
  • Bodi enjoys all the trucks! He can always be found racing them with friends. 
  • Avery has been in the kitchen a lot preparing meals for her friends and teachers.
  • Taylor has been taking full advantage of our home center where she takes care of the  babies.
  • Olive loves the magnetic tiles and spends a lot of her time stacking and building with them.

This month our study will be “Paper and Play”. The Sprouts will be exploring and using paper in so many ways. Paper plays an important role in every child’s life and provides endless opportunities to explore colors, textures , shapes and functions.


  • Please bring in a blanket for your child’s nap. It can get chilly during naptime.
  • Please change out your child’s extra set of clothing to match the changing weather. 
  • Give your child opportunities to become independent at home. Washing hands, cup and spoon use and cleaning up are all things they would be proud to show you!

It has been such a pleasure meeting all of our new Sprouts and their families and we look forward to watching them grow and learn and play in our time together!

Ms. Kelcy and Ms. Tracy 

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