Dear Sprout Families,

October has been such a fun month in Sprout 2. Our  study was Paper and Play. The Sprouts explored and created art using newspaper, paper plates, paper towels and paper cups. We discovered that paper has so many uses and each kind makes a different noise. Tearing paper versus crinkling it up was such a difference when it came to sound. The Sprouts did such a great job using paper during crafting activities and with Halloween this month art time had a spooky twist we all enjoyed together. We did some fun pumpkin decorating and finger painting using  Halloween colors to compliment some of our spooky stories for the month.

Monthly Highlights:

  • Avery worked so hard learning the coat trick this month and is quickly becoming a pro! She is ready for winter!
  • Bodi has been very interested in building! He loves making houses and rocket ships out of the magnetic tiles and blocks. 
  • Finn and Otto love Ms. Tammy’s pumpkins so much they have been carrying them into class each morning to show their friends proudly! 
  • Henry did a great job working with paper and glue to create his own pumpkin to hang on the board. 
  • Olive loves looking for the hidden ducks in the center and enjoyed finding the Halloween themed ones this month!
  • Sophie really enjoys finger painting during art time. She loves mixing the colors and making colorful hand and fingerprints!
  • Taylor has been making sure all of the babies are taken care of everyday. You can find her giving a baby a bath in the kitchen sink!

Next Month: 

Our November study will be Shoes and Socks.  A toddler’s natural curiosity about and interest in shoes and socks will lead to their growing independence! Putting on and taking off their shoes and socks is good practice and helps them to feel more confident in their abilities in taking care of themselves. In addition the Sprouts will be learning to balance while wearing different types of shoes, measuring the difference of small to large shoes as well as learning that frustration comes along with learning a new thing and is ok and how to manage those big emotions. 


  • Pete the Cat I love my white shoes
  • Shoe La-La
  • Fox in Socks


  • Temperatures are changing and naptime should be cozy. Please consider warmer blankets or multiple blankets to keep your child comfortable while they sleep. 
  • Also warm jackets, hats and gloves/mittens and boots are essential for outside time!
  • Please also send a couple sets of extra clothes that correspond to our upcoming colder seasons. 
  • Growing Tree will be closed for conferences on November 10th.
  • Closed for November23rd & 24th for Thanksgiving

Looking forward to conferences. We are so thankful for you!!    

Happy Holidays!

Ms. Kelcy and Ms. Tracy 

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