Hi Big Seed families! 

We would like to start off by giving a huge thank you to all of you for your patience and support this first month of transitioning into our classroom. We know the first few weeks of new classes always come with challenges and confusion. All of your flexibility, support, communication, and positivity has been a huge help to us this last month! 

September Shout Outs! 

Alice has progressed so quickly in her movements and mobility around the classroom. She has been crawling, pulling herself up to stand, and even beginning to climb a little! Alice has been doing great sitting in the chairs at the table for meals. She has also been able to start recognizing our routine, such as when it is time to go outside. As soon as that back door opens, she starts crawling her way to the door. 

Mary has made huge leaps and bounds in mobility as well this month. She has been side-stepping her way around the classroom and outside, climbing up the steps to the slide, and even standing on her own for a few seconds. We think she’ll be walking in no time! Her favorite thing to play with in our room is the blocks. She has a special talent for stacking a few on top of each other without help, knocking them over, and doing it again. 

Bode is quite the speedy kiddo! Between his super speed crawling and his abilities to climb, he sure keeps us on our toes! Bode has such a contagious laugh and smile and can always be found smiling when he plays with Mary. Bode likes to spend most of his play time with the musical toys and we often catch him bobbing up and down to the music we play in our room. He is a joyful energy to have around.

Owen has grown so much in his abilities to socialize with facial expressions, babbling, and trying to talk to the other kiddos during playing and eating time. Along with his growing social skills, he is also learning how to share with others by handing other Big Seeds Legos, balls, and trucks during play time. Owen has been loving learning to navigate our mat maze. He likes to climb up the sides, and 

Brody is such a loving and affectionate boy. We can always rely on our daily Brody snuggles. He is turning into a leader in our room. He can always be found climbing all over our room (and on us haha)! He loves outside time, playing with the balls, and going down the slide. Brody and Bennett have become quite the dynamic duo. We sure love his hugs! 

Savannah has been splitting her time between Seedlings and Big Seeds. Although we love sharing her with the Seedlings, we are so stoked to have her in our class full time in October. Her constant huge smile always brightens our day. 

Norah has such a calming and positive presence. You can always find her sitting in the blue chair looking at the pictures in books. Norah has also been branching out and trying new foods lately. She has made huge improvements in her eating at meal times. Yay Norah!  

Coming Up In October… The weather is starting to become a bit chilly, this means that it’s the time of the year we have all been waiting for… sweater weather! One of our favorite parts about Fall is all the cute cozy outfits. 🙂 With this being said, please send your Big Seed with socks, shoes, jacket, sweatshirt, sweater, ect. It is COLD when we head outside in the mornings. 

Here is a few reminders for the month:

Naps: We plan on continuing our best to accommodate the individual needs of your children the best we can going forward. Thank you for advocating for us and supporting us during this transition. 

Thank You Families!

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