Spring has Sprung, just like our BIG SEEDS!
This month we will be looking at Bugs & Blooms
that make spring feel a little closer.
Archer has become quite the little explorer around
both the classroom and outside. His confidence has
grown and he loves to share and play with his
friends. Our smiley Archer is so fun to watch as he
Avery is enjoying the outside more and more as it
warms up. She is building her confidence to play
more independently and has become the master of
the slide. Avery is always up for a hug and loves to
be teachers’ helper.
Beckett has really come to enjoy playing with the
animals and trucks in the classroom. He can be
observed creating his own little world while he
makes sounds that match his play. Beckett is a
snuggly boy who has come to love a good book.
Finn is working on walking but has become a
master pusher in the meantime. Finn can be seen
pushing whatever he can find to motor around the
room. Sweet Finn is the most gentle, loving boy with
the sweetest giggle around.
Julia continues to surprise us in many ways. She is
now fully mobile and loves to scooch her way
around to play with her friends, and she is working
hard on standing and walking. Julia has been loving
outside time and often goes straight to the dirt to dig.
Keep up the hard work, Julia!

Otto is the most adventurous kiddo on two knees. He
is working hard on walking as well, and only needs
to build up his confidence a little more. Otto is
barely ever sitting still and has come up with some
interesting ways to play with everyday items. Keep
on moving Otto!
Riley has become the master at getting her socks,
shoes, and jacket on, and happily practices many
times per day. Riley has been enjoying the new
climbing apparatus in the classroom, but also enjoys
stowing away in the cubbies around the room.
Smiley Riley is always up for a giggle and a hug.
Rowan has become the master of the climbing
apparatus in the classroom and so far is the only one
to make it up and over! Rowan enjoys giving his
friends hugs and pats of encouragement while
playing. Keep on using those “nice hands”, Rowan!


Flower: Hold your finger and thumb together as if
pinching a flower stem. Then move your pinched
fingers from one nostril to the other as if smelling
the flower

Sun: Make a circle with your index finger over your
head, then pinch all of your fingers together over
your head, and move them apart as if shining a lamp
on your head.

Water: Take your dominant hand, separate and hold
up the three middle fingers while holding your
pinky and thumb together, then tap your index
finger on your chin a couple of times.

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