Dear Sprout Families,

Wow can you believe it, Summer is here. We all are so excited to shed our coats and run in the warm sunlight. 

In May we explored lights and shadows. The Sprouts enjoyed seeing their shadows as they ran around outside and shined flashlights on the floor and wall in the classroom. 

At circle time we looked at different sources of light. Some of the lights we explored were flashlights, lanterns, a salt lamp, and a unicorn lamp. We also turned out the lights and looked at the battery-powered candles’ flickering. Our books this month talked about shadows, nighttime lights, and the moon. The Black Rabbit by Philippa Leathers, The Shape of Me and Other Stuff by Dr. Seuss, The Lonely Firefly and Papa, please get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle. 

We sang the songs Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Light and Mr. Sun. 

In the classroom, we hunted for lights. If the sun was coming through the window the Sprouts enjoyed seeing their shadow on the floor. They had fun using flashlights to see if they could see the light through the toys in the room. Most of the time it would make the toy glow and they thought that was very exciting. 

Art time we created the lights in the story of the Lonely Firefly. Some of the lights we made were a flashlight, a lightbulb, a firefly, a lantern, a candle and beautiful fireworks. We also made the sun and moon and traced shadows on a piece of paper. They all enjoyed painting with bright yellow paint to create a shiny star. 

When we went outside everyone enjoyed watching their shadows. They would move their hands 

around and make shapes on the sidewalk and grass. They also would run around saying “Oh no. The wolf”, just like in the book Black Rabbit. They all had a great time exploring the lights. Here are a few highlights each sprout enjoyed this month:

Fletcher had a great time outside watching his shadow. He would walk around on the grass and say “Look. I have a big shadow.” 

Grey also had fun watching his shadow. When we would come in from outside he would say “No shadow. No more.”

Lillian got very excited when we looked at all the different lights at circle time. She would point her finger at them and say “Light. Light.” 

Jackson had fun taking the flashlight and pointing it at the floor. He would smile and say “Yook. Yook. Yight.” 

Nell thought it was great fun to look at the books after a nap with the flashlight. She would point the light up to the ceiling and say “Look. I made a circle.” 

Poppy had a great time outside with her shadow. She would take her hands and move them around as she was walking. As she was looking at her shadow she would say “Look my shadow.” 

Caleb had fun taking the flashlight and covering it up with his hand. When his hand was glowing from the light he would say “Oh pretty.”

Landon had lots of fun outside with his shadow. He would look at it on the ground and say “Oh big.” 

Townes had a great time watching the unicorn lamp on the ceiling. He would point up to the ceiling and say “Neigh. Neigh.” 

We all had a great time in May looking at our shadows and seeing all the different lights. We can’t wait to see what fun we will all have in June. 

In June we will be having great fun exploring Balls and Bubbles. We are sure you have noticed your sprout showing a great interest in balls. You may see them throw it and see how far it will go or watch them have different balls and feel the different textures. They also like to kick different sizes of balls and see how far they can go. 

During our study of balls, the sprouts will develop language and literacy skills as they name and describe balls’ color, texture and size. Math skills as they compare balls’ sizes; motor skills as they handle balls and explore how they move; and social skills as they take turns rolling, kicking and tossing balls to each other. 

During the month we will be reading books and singing songs about balls and bubbles during circle time. At art we will be drawing, coloring and painting balls. We will also be doing different projects with bubbles. Some of the projects will be bubble blowing, bubble wrap and bubble painting. In the classroom we will have different types of balls that they can throw and roll. Outside we will blow bubbles, kick the balls and throw the balls as far as we can. It’s going to be a fun filled June playing with all the balls and blowing bubbles. 

Thank you to Tammy, the parents and the board for a wonderful Teacher Appreciation week. It was great fun playing all the games and eating all the treats. We appreciate everything you do for us.

In June we will be welcoming a new friend into the classroom. Welcome Riley and her family to the Sprout room. We can’t wait to have some great adventures with you. Also Lillian will be gone for the month of June on a big family vacation. Have fun and we will see you in July. 

Here is a few reminders for the month: 

  • Make sure your Sprout has plenty of weather-appropriate extra clothes. As it gets warmer outside we like to have lots of water play. 
  • Please make sure to bring in a summer hat. The sun really beats down on us as we are in the sandbox and running outside.
  • Please check your sprouts cubby and take home any winter wear. We think we are good now with no more cold weather. 

Thank you for all you do. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to come talk to us. Have a wonderful June and a very Happy Father’s Day.

                 Teresa, Amy and Nana Julie 

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