Dear Sprout Families,

Can you believe it? Only a few more months and the year will be over. Wow, 2023 went fast.

In October, the  study was “CLOTHES.” The Sprouts worked on dressing themselves. By month’s end, they could all do it without help. The children had so much fun trying different dress-up clothes and selecting the right hat for their outfits.  Art was a blast every day, coloring or painting different items of clothing to display around the classroom.

At circle time we read:

  • Llama Llama Trick or Treat by Anna Dewdney
  • Little Blue Truck’s Halloween by Alice Schertle
  • A Pair of Socks by Stuart J. Murphy.

Songs we Sang:

  • Put our Clothes On
  • Five Little Pumpkins.

Special Moments:

  • Beckett enjoyed painting all the different clothes at art time. He would sing “Painting. Painting” in his deep voice as he painted.
  • Jackson liked to wear a hat as he was playing with the toys. He would say to his friends, “I have a hat.”
  • Oliver is our classroom artist. He will sit for a long time doing art. His favorite was the Halloween projects. He got very excited when he saw them. 
  • Julia had fun wearing the hats. She would go to the little mirror and smile at herself.
  • Archer was very excited when he saw the pumpkin. He got even more excited when we put it on the table to color. He would say, “Pumpkin, yeah!” 
  • Penny had fun wearing the mittens as she colored a pair of mittens. As she was coloring, she had a big smile on her face.
  • Riley had a great time trying on all the different dress-up clothes. She would tell us, “Look. Look. Have it on.”
  • Rowen would try on each hat and see which was his favorite—most of the time, he chose the brown safari hat.

In November, we will be exploring Seats. During our study of seats, the Sprouts will develop:

  • Gross motor skills as they climb in and out of seats
  • Mathematic skills as they count the number of people who can sit on different seats and the number of arms and legs on a seat. 
  • Cognitive skills as they incorporate seats into their pretend play 
  • Language skills as they name the different parts of seats and share their experiences with them. 


In November, Oliver will graduate up to the Bud room. We are very excited for him, but we will miss him tremendously. We have enjoyed him in the Sprout room so much. Luckily for us, he is right next door.


New to our classroom in November is Levi. Levi is new to Growing Tree, and we look forward to making those connections with him and his parents, Natalie and Michael. Welcome, Horwitz family.


  • Check your child’d cubby and take home your extra summer clothes and bring in extra winter clothes
  • It is time your child has a snowsuit, hat, boots, and two pairs of gloves at school
  • Please label all belongings
  • Ms Emily’s last day is Oct 31st. She is leaving to start cosmetology school.
  • November 10th conferences. Please sign up

We are grateful for you. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out. Enjoy your November!

Teresa and Nana Julie



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