Dear Sprout Families,
Hello Spring! (hopefully) We can’t wait to shed
those heavy clothes and enjoy a little warmer
In March we did some great building with Blocks
and had a fun special day on St. Patrick’s Day. All
the Sprouts built big towers with the blocks and
enjoyed knocking them down to hear the crashing
At circle time we read Go Dog Go by Dr Seuss,
Jack the Builder by Stuart J. Murphy and Blocks
by Irene Dickson. We sang the song Happy and
you Know It and introduced a new block each day
at circle time. We also talked about “Block Safety”
before knocking down a tower it is important to ask
our friends if it is ok to knock down and ensure that
everyone has moved away from the falling structure..
They all did pretty good about asking.
Blocks we expired this month were: colored wooden
blocks, Lego’s, magnet block cubes and shape blocks
that they liked to make into a rocketship just like in
our book we read at circle time. During the week of
St. Patrick’s Day we made lots of different
shamrocks to hang around the school and room.
To entice a leprechaun into our room we made
shamrocks to display around the classroom. On the
big day that pesky Leprechaun left us treasures and
decorated the hallway by the Sprout 2 room. As we
were sitting down at circle time we saw the treasures
he left us because he was throwing them in the air as
he ran to his treasure chest. When we finished circle
we got our buckets and collected treasures we found
in the classroom and down the hallway. The Sprouts
were very excited as they found the treasures and put
them in the buckets. We left our buckets by the
wooden chest to see if the Leprechaun would leave
usa special treat. Sure enough, after nap we went
back out in the hallway and found treats in our
buckets. It was a very fun day.
Jackson had fun sitting on the floor building with
the farm blocks. When he had them all built up
would smile and point.
Fletcher would take the wooden colored blocks and
build tall towers. When he was done building the
tower would point to it and say “Look my
Lillian had so much fun on St. Patrick’s Day. She
wasn’t too sure about seeing the treasures thrown by
the Leprechaun but had fun finding the treasures
once he was gone.
Nell also had fun finding the treasures the
Leprechaun left. She bounced around the hallway
picking up the treasures and putting them in her
bucket. Each time she found one would say “Look.
Look. There’s one.”
Grey did a great job building houses with the foam
blocks. He would put the people on the blocks and
say “The house. The house.”
Caleb sat at the table for a long time making tall
rock block towers. When he was done building his
tower would say to his friends “Did it. Did it.”
Landon also liked building houses with the foam
blocks. When he was done building would say
“Whoa. It big. Person now.”

Poppy was a great builder with the ABC wooden
blocks. She would make a block road and say “I
make it long.”
Townes had fun building with all the blocks and then
knocking them down. As he was crashing them
down had a big smile on his face.
It was a fun filled month of building with different
blocks and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. We can’t
wait for April and all the fun new adventures we will
In April we will study Containers and Bugs. As we
are exploring the containers they will be developing
their language and literacy skills as they name and
describe containers by color, shape, size and what we
use it for. They will also practice their math skills as
they count containers and explore how much they
can hold in them. We will also have containers that
we can put our play bugs in and maybe we can find a
few real bugs that we can put in them. Some of the
containers we will be using are shoeboxes, baskets,
bug catchers, buckets, tissue boxes and many many
more containers we can put things in.
At circle time we will be reading books about
different containers we use and bug stories. It’s
going to be a great month finding bugs and filling up
and dumping out all the containers. We can’t wait to
get started.
Just a few reminders for you this month:
April 14th is parent/teacher conferences. Don’t
forget to schedule your conference. We enjoy sharing
your childs development with you .

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